Instyle Box “Fall Edition” 2016 – What was in there? – unboxing

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The time has come and here it is, a new Instyle Box. This time it´s all about fall. I am very excited about what is in the fall box. So, let´s unbox it together.

 The box was full of beauty products this time. The first item I noticed was a mascara “the best lash 3D fiber mascara” by best lash which is supposed to give an up to 300% volume and nourish the lashes at the same time. It is supposed to be natural and includes e.g. natural beeswax and carnauba wax to protect and coat the lashes. Well, I´ve already heard quite a lot about this mascara but I didn’t try it so far. I am excited to try it out and see, whether it will work out the way it is supposed to. The next item I picked out of the box was a mini – eyeshadow palette by Catrice. There are four colors which are really nice and suitable for a trendy fall make-up. The package of the palette is gorgeous as it has a nice flowery print and is decorated with velvet (actually, one of the biggest fashion trends for this fall). I really liked this product. I wouldn’t say that these eyeshadows are the most pigmented ones, but they are of a good quality. I also found two tissues by Comodynes. The first one is an exfoliating tissue, which peels of the dead skin cells and stimulates cell regeneration. The second one is a self-tanning tissue for an easy and natural looking color. I am excited about the exfoliating tissue because I didn’t try it yet, but I tried the self-tanning one. The result wasn’t pretty at all. I had stripes all over my legs. I have to try it once again. May be this time my color will become prettier than the last time. I also found a nice hand cream in the box. This is “Creme Mains Multi-Intensive“ by Clarins. I always have dry hands and this intensive hand cream is a good helper for such unpleasant occasions as dryness and tightness. It is also supposed to improve skin´s density and tone and help to reduce the look of age spots. Well, I don´t have any, but one can protect himself against harsh environmental influences. The last beauty product I found in the fall issue was a shower-butter gel by Palmolive. It smells so good like strawberries and will definitely improve my spirits during the cold season. Wait, on the bottom of the box I found a “magic soap” by Dr. Bronner´s. I don´t know, maybe it´s the most usual thing in the USA but not here in Germany. The thing is, that one can wash absolutely everything with it. I mean it, everything!!!! It could be your face, your hair, your body, your dishes, your dog or even your plants. Isn´t it crazy?!






There were no accessories in the actual Instyle Box. Actually, it is better for me because there were even more beauty products than I expected it to be.

Of course there were some discount vouchers as well. One can get discounts by different Fashion and Accessories online stores. One of them was especially interesting for me. On the website one can create his or her own shampoo. You can add different ingredients which are suitable for your hair type and its condition. In case I order such shampoo I will do a detailed review on this product.

As for snacks in the box I found absolutely nothing. Those of you, who read my previous review of the summer Instyle Box, know that I hated all this stuff. I guess this time my prayers had been heard. I am happy about it! The only one thing I found was a bottle of green tea with matcha. I love green tea and this drink tasted quite well. There also was something interesting to read. A little book by German author Violetta Simon. The book is about the difference between men and women. It could be much fun.



Three months ago as I wrote my review of the previous beauty box I was unsure, whether I should order the box once again. Then I decided to give it a try. I have to say that this fall issue is one of the best Instyle Boxes I´ve ever received. I hope the winter Instyle Box will be as good as this one or even better.

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