7 things to enjoy fall

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  1. Enjoy the golden fall

No matter, whether you like fall or not, it´s still a marvelous and unique time of the year. The first two fall months are perfect as it´s warm enough but at the same time you can see all the nature changes. Trees are getting beautiful deep colors and the whole nature is the most inspiring during this time. In order to reach the fall beauty, you should go into the countryside or just walk in city parks. Such walks could be extremely useful for a new inspiration or for thinking about something important.


  1. Enjoy a cup of coffee in your favorite cozy cafe

Every city or town has its unique cafes and places where you wanna go over and over again. Fall is a perfect time to make yourself comfortable in your favorite one and do some “notebook” work. It´s such a nice combination of work and tasty cappuccino with a piece of cake. In a cozy and pleasant atmosphere like this you will definitely go through all your e-mails and tasks much easier and faster.







  1. Do facial treatments

Summer is not the best time of the years to do such facial treatments like needling, mesotherapy or fruit acid peeling. Fall and winter are the best times to do all this. Be sure that your skin will be thankful for such treatments and will get its glow and elasticity back.


  1. Watch your favorite TV show

Every one of us has his or her favorite TV show which can be re-watched over and over again. My favorite TV show is “friends” and I´ve probably watched it a hundred times. But still, I love watching this hilarious, warm-hearted show while relaxing on the couch with a cup of hot tea. What is your favorite show? Maybe you have some extra tips for me?! It would be nice to learn about your favorites.





  1. Cook something new for dinner

During the cold fall and winter days we definitely send more time at home. We can use it to cook something new or even unusual. It could be a nice time together with your boyfriend or your friends. Thanks to the internet it´s not that difficult to find a delicious recipe with the detailed explanation how to cook it. Such evenings are just fun as you not only learn something new but also have a pleasant evening.


  1. Plan important things for next year

I personally like planning everything in advance as I don´t want to be confronted with some problems or time pressure while doing it in the last possible minute. Fall is the perfect time to plan your next vacation or maybe some seminars or curses you want to visit by the end of this or next year. You can do so much in fall and winter seasons; you just should want it.









  1. Do some sports

Some people think that physical activity or trained and fit body are important only in the summer as many of us go on vacation and want to look nice in bikini. I think that it´s much better and healthier to do some sports throughout the year and maintain your perfect form. As for me, I have some problems with my back and my back often aches. When I train regularly (of course I concentrate on the back muscles) I forget about any kind of pain. Additionally, it´s known that physical activity in fall and winter improves the immune system. You see how important sport in our life is.


These were my suggestions about “what can we do during the fall”. I hope you enjoyed reading it! It would be nice to read your suggestions and what you actually do at this time of the year. So don´t be shy to comment! 🙂

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