Velvets boots for fall? – Yes, please!

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I am a huge fan of velvet. So I´m really happy about the fact that the velvet pieces are a trend for the fall 2016. Of course, I couldn´t help but purchase a nice pair of velvet shoes. I could have bought grey or black shoes but I wanted something more extravagant and colorful. That is why I decided for beautiful velvet boots in pink. These boots not only have a beautiful color but also quite unusual heels. I was aware while ordering them that this model wouldn’t pass unnoticed and I loved the idea of it. Because of the extravagance of the boots they always play an eye-catcher role and are best to style with some basic pieces. I decided for skinny ripped jeans and a biker jacket. Some people would mind that biker jackets don´t belong to the category of basic cloths but I would say that biker jackets have been seen in so many fashion shows during a couple of years. They have been combined with casual style, with feminine and even evening dresses and gowns. So for me, a biker jacket is a basic piece number one. My colorful boots needed a similar color in the outfit in order to bring a balance into it. That is why I decided for a white top with a flowery print in the ethnic look. Nice sunnies complete the trendy velvet look. What do you think about velvet this fall? Did you already buy anything in velvet?

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I´m wearing:

Biker jacket by Zara (similar here)

Jeans by Abercrombie & Fitch

Top by Abercrombie & Fitch

Boots by EGO (similar in black here)

Sunnies by Michael Kors


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