How to survive fall and winter and avoid depression

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Probably every one of us already felt being sad or even depressed without almost no reason for that. Often this feeling comes during the fall season as the days are getting cold, grey and rainy. There are some tips which help me to stay in a good mood. I want to share them with you. I hope they could help you as well.

  1. Nutrition rich in vitamins

This is very important to eat the right food during cold and rainy fall and winter days. Fruit and vegetables deserve your closer attention as they improve your immune system and rise your mood. Additionally, you should eat sea fish regularly as it contains omega 3 acids which is perfect for your blood, heart, skin and balance in your body. Vegetable soups are also the perfect meal during fall and winter as they are not only light for the stomach but also pretty warm. Nuts instead of chips and biscuits are a better way to snack. Eventually, you could take some vitamin cure which will definitely help your immune system to work properly.


  1. A new hobby or a kind of creative work

Nothing can improve your mood much better and easier than something that is fun. Find something interesting for you and improve yourself by doing it regularly. I e.g like learning foreign languages and I am really happy when I see a progress in my knowledge. I also have an intention to get a little bit deeper in my photography and camera knowledge. You will find something that you are interested in, for sure.






  1. A herbal tea

Everyone knows that different herbs can be taken against different diseases and complaints. Melissa, sage or camomile could help to relax. When you are relaxed you don´t have any reason to be upset or even depressed.


  1. Take a bath

What can relax you better than a nice, warm bath? You can create your own bath rituals with candles, bath foam or bath salt. I personally believe in the theory that water takes all the negative emotions away and in my case it really works. So, if you are bad-tempered, go and take a relaxing and calming bath!






  1. Physical activity

Well, I´m talking about sports again. But it´s really important to stay physically active during the whole time of the year. According to statistics, people who do some sports regularly are much happier and healthier, both physically and mentally.


  1. Sleep

The sleep is very important in order to be healthy and good-tempered during the whole year. At night our nervous system can relax. Even our skin has its own rhythm and renews skin cells much faster at night. I think everyone of you already had a bad and sleepless night. How did we look after that? – Definitely not the best way we actually do. Regular sleep problems could harm the nervous system and make you look old. As for me, I definitely have sleep problems. I have a light and restless sleep. That is why I prepare my bedroom for a better sleep every night. I air my bedroom about 20 minutes before going to bed. I always have a lavender tissue bag or lavender spray in order to relax while inhaling its aroma and I listen to a meditative music in my bed. These things really do help me.

street style / Ekonika / Massimo Dutti / DBK STYLEZ


evelina-shoes / Ekonika / Evelina Khromchenko


  1. Home decorations

When the days are getting grey and cold the best things to improve your mood at home are nice and colorful home decorations. My advice is to choose your favorite bright color and to purchase some stuff like cushions, vases, candles and other things in that color / colors. First of all, it will make your apartment more individual and much prettier and second, bright colors activate brain cells for a better and faster thinking process.




At the end I want to talk a little bit about my today´s outfit. I decided for my favorite combination, consisting of summer and fall pieces. I already did an outfit post with summer and fall pieces combined. It can be found here. This time I chose a summer midi skirt and a warm sweater. As the combination is quite neutral, I put on the green pumps for a nice color accent. If you also like more classical outfits you can gring it the „fashionista“ level choosing extravagant or colorful shoes or just putting on some big and unusual jewelry.

I am wearing:

Sweater by Esprit

Skirt by Mango

Pumps by Ekonika (here)

Shoulder bag by Massimo Dutti (here)

Earrings by Bijou Brigitte

Neck crystal by Swarovski

Statement ring found in Milan


How do you prevent the SAD (seasonal dependent depression)? I will appreciate your tips in the comment section.




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  1. 17. October 2016 / 23:06

    Amazing outfit, love the ring 🙂

    • Daria
      19. October 2016 / 11:05

      Thank you so so much!!!!!

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