“Gold obsession” lipsticks by L‘Oréal – review

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Everyone who is interested in the latest trends knows that gold is one of the biggest make-up trends this fall. Gold is applied not only on eyelids as eyeshadows but also on the lips and even on the eyebrows. L‘Oréal Paris recently launched a new limited “gold obsession” lipstick line. The line is a part of the famous “color riche” lipsticks´ collection. There are 7 different shades from a nude gold to a deep red gold. For those who want to be 100% in trend, there is a shade “pure gold” which creates a beautiful, futuristic look.

I decided for two shades, “nude gold” and “beige gold”. Both of them are perfect for a day make-up and both of them look gorgeous but some people would say that they look pretty much alike. Well, I would say, no! The “nude gold” is much more pigmented and deep. The “beige gold” on the contrary, is lighter and quite neutral. But still it has more gold particles and gives more shine to the lips. The quality of the products is really good. The lipsticks are smooth and can be applied quickly and evenly.




The limited lipstick edition “Gold obsession” by L‘Oréal Paris is a must-have for all girls who want to be in trend this fall. You will definitely find your shade between 7 different gorgeous colors. Each lipstick costs about 10 EUR which is not that much and gives you a chance to try them all. To me, this lipstick edition is one of the best this fall. I enjoy wearing these lipsticks and feeling them on my lips. YOU should give them a try!



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