A long vest – beautiful and trendy allrounder

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A long vest is a nice and multifunctional piece of cloth which every fashionista should own. I will mention at least four points which prove the multifunctionality and the possibility to style this beautiful piece in many ways.

  1. In warm days, you can combine it with a lace top in the „underwear“ style or just put on a basic top with a long necklace and it will give you a trendy and sexual look. Such look can be found here.
  2. In cold days, you can style a classical long vest with a white shirt, which will create a stylish and sometimes even business look but in a more individual way.
  3. Not everybody knows that the combination of a long vest with a midi skirt not only looks trendy but also gives you a high-class feminine look.
  4. It doesn´t matter, whether you are going to wear it with sneakers, high heels or some heavy boots. Styling all that with a long vest you will definitely create a stylish statement look.

 outfit-1 DBK Stylez Vest Look Streetstyle

If we speak about a classical white shirt, it not only can be worn as a part of your everyday business look but also as a part of many simple and style-conscious outfits. Not for nothing this piece belongs to the essentials for a capsule wardrobe.

For my today´s outfit I decided for a combination of these two beautiful trends and at the same time to prove the second point I mentioned above. Well, it is quite minimalistic as the whole look had been made using just black and white colors. But the black long vest takes it to the nest level, not only in the classical point of view but also gives it something special. Without my black vest the outfit would be a kind of too basic and a little boring everyday look. To be honest, I love the combination of black and white but today I wanted to pep the look with a touch of some deep color. As I love purple color and it´s still in this fall I decided for the jewelry all in purple. This color gives the outfit more depth and a little pep of color. As my outfit is a bit conservative I put on black boots with crystals on the upper part. By the way, these boots are a part of the shoes´ collection by Sophia Thomalla (a German star). I found her collection so great that I purchased two different models of boots. You might have probably seen the first pair of boots as I styled them with faux leather pants recently. In case you want to see it again, you can find it here.

outfit-2 DBK Stylez Streetstyle Fashionblog outfit-3 DBK Stylez Streetstyle Fashionblog outfit-4 DBK Stylez Boots Deichmann Sophia Thomalla

Do you like long vests? Do you prefer black and white color combination for your looks? I am excited to read your opinions and comments!


Best regards!


 outfit-5 DBK STYLEz Streetstyle Fashionblog

I am wearing:

Shirt by Hugo Boss

Jeans by Calvin Klein

Vest by Mango

Boots by Deichmann (Sofia Thomalla collection)

Bracelet by Swarovski

Statement ring by Swarovski

Earrings by Pandora

 outfit-8 DBK STYLEZ Streetstlyle Fashionblog
outfit-7 DBK stylez streetstyle Fashionblog
outfit-9 DBK STYLEZ
outfit-details DBK STYLEZ Swarovski


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