Favorite fashion piece of the month – a Gucci scarf

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Obviously, everyone likes nice a and qualitative clothing. I am not an exception! I love shopping label pieces and accessories. Especially shopping for some important occasions or while traveling is so much fun for me. In that case my memories take me back to these occasions and fill me with joy. This is how some pieces become my favorite. It doesn’t matter, whether the favorite items are from a famous designer or from a budget store. The only thing which is important is how and what you feel wearing them. I have plenty of items which I love and can´t even imagine not having them in my wardrobe. The beginning of November was good to me as I got a new fashion piece, which I immediately fell in love with.


Gucci is one of my favorite designers as I absolutely love bags and scarfs by this brand. A nice Gucci scarf with a traditional logo print had been a fashion piece I wanted to purchase for quite a long time. But somehow I didn´t. As I first saw the limited fall collection by Gucci and its beautiful and unique scarfs I knew at once, I want to have one of those. All scarfs from the limited fall collection are two-sided scarfs. One side has a traditional (my favorite) logo print on it. The other side has a beautiful flowery print on it. There are many color and flower solutions to choose from. I decided for a rose one. My husband also found that it suited me the best. So, the choice was made!


I have many scarfs and almost all of them are huge and long XXL things. This one by Gucci is different as it is quite short and not that thick. But it is made from 100% wool and that is why it keeps me warm even much better than some other pieces in my wardrobe. The floral two-sided scarf by Gucci has already become the favorite fashion piece of the month for me. I also appreciate the fact that the pieces from the limited collection will soon be sold out and I still will possess this unique and beautiful piece of fashion.

The scarf can be found here.


What is / are your favorite fashion item(s) this fall? I will be happy to learn about your favorites more, so please, drop me a line in the comments.


Have a nice weekend!

Best regards,



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  1. 4. November 2016 / 11:47

    Wow, this scarf is fantastic! Sometimes it definitely pays to spend more money as the quality is so worth it. Don’t you just love how one item can make you feel so glamorous and special, too? 🙂

    • Daria
      6. November 2016 / 12:48

      You are so right, Francesca!!!!

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