Fall lipstick shades by NYX – review

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Good news for all German girls as now we can purchase products by NYX at DM (a German drugstore). Earlier NYX was more available online, as many products had constantly been sold out at Douglas (the only store to find a stand by NYX). As for me, I like buying products at the store as I wanna see the real shades and quality of the product. That is why I decided to go in and find some beautiful fall shades for my lips. I purchased three lipsticks by NYX and I wanna share with you my experience with these products.


The first lipstick I decided for, was the shade “siren” from the “matte lipstick” collection. This is a beautiful deep burgundy shade which is just perfect for fall. It´s completely matte but still very comfortable to wear. It´s also a long-lasting product but still you will get a slightly-seen lip print while drinking. I like both the quality of this lipstick and its shade. It´s my favorite shade for this fall.

The second lipstick I purchased was the shade “Transylvania” from the popular collection “soft matte lip cream”. I also made a review of one of these products in the shade “Antwerp” and I absolutely loved it. You can find this review here. That is why I was quite sure that all lipsticks from this collection should have the same, or at least, a similar quality. Well, I was wrong! The shade “Transylvania“ is gorgeous but it´s the only good thing I can say about it. First of all, this shade has a strange, oily texture. Secondly, it´s almost unreal to apply it evenly. It looks so horrible on the lips! You can also see it on the photo-swatch, how uneven the shade is! I just cannot understand how two different products from the same line can be so different of the quality.

The third and the last product I decided for, was an interesting shade “power puissance” from the collection “lip smacking fun colors”. I personally love grey shades but this one is not only grey but it also has a little bit of purple in it. This makes this lipstick even more unusual and cool. It is also a matte lipstick but it´s not long-lasting. Additionally, it hydrates the lips, which is perfect for me as I always have dry lips. The only thing I find a little bit annoying is its strange smell. Still, I can and wanna wear it this fall. I just love the shade!



I am really happy to be able to purchase the NYX products simply at drugstore. NYX has many products which I love, e.g lip glosses from the collection “butter lip gloss” or the highlight & contour pro palette. As for the three lipsticks I purchased, the two of them are really great. I love the color and the quality of them. The third lipstick from the collection „soft matte lip cream” is so horrible. How could two products from the same line be so different? Why is the shade “Antwep” a top and “Transylvania” a total flop?


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