Mascara „Superstar X Fiber“ and Lipstick „Lip Paint / Matte“ by L´oréal – review

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Hy, my lovelies!


As a beauty junkie, I regularly check make-up stands at drugstores. Especially, I like Maybelline and L´Oréal at my nearest drugstore. In case I find something new, I just have to try it. Today I want to share with you my experience with two new products (at least in Germany) which I purchased recently. I bought a brand-new mascara and a liquid lipstick I´ve been interested in for quite a while. So, if you want to know, whether I liked them, let´s get it started.

Mascara „Superstar X Fiber“ by L´Oréal   

This mascara contains two products in one. The first one is a primer in black color which creates a nice volume and length to your lashes. The second one is a top coat with the so-called fibers, which stick to your lashes for a more dramatic and intense look. I found both products nice, but one should know that the applying of the top coat requires some time to get beautiful and extra-long lashes. The wands in both products are very good and dense which allows to apply mascara evenly and avoid clumping. Often, I only use the primer for my daily make-up as it gives me a nice volume and length. The top coat is perfect for evening make-up and some photo shootings. I really like this mascara and use it almost every day.

Loeral Mascara Matte DBK Stylez 2

Loeral Mascara Matte DBK Stylez 3

Lip paint matte by L´oreal

The liquid lipstick is a product from the „Infallible“ collection. There are four different shades from the neutral nude to the classical red. The lipsticks from the collection are supposed to be high pigmented, give a nice matte finish and at the same time be comfortable to wear. As the color selection had been quite unimpressive and small I decided for the only red shade called 204 “red actually”.

Loeral Mascara Matte DBK Stylez 1

Unfortunately, I have to say that I didn´t like this product at all. When applying, it doesn’t even look like a normal lipstick. For me, it´s a kind of well-pigmented lip gloss and nothing more. Additionally, the lipstick doesn’t have a matte finish, it doesn’t matter how long you will wear it. The finish will remain shiny. Though I used a lip liner before applying this lipstick, after some time the product spread over the lip liner line and made the whole look very weird. After having worn the red shade for about 2 hours everything that remained on my lips was a slight reddish tint. My lips felt very dry and uncomfortable. For a little bit, I thought that the lipstick had given me long-lasting tint effect on my lips but it hadn’t. As I drank only one cup of coffee, the remaining tint disappeared from my lips. I haven’t used anything so weird in my whole life.

Loeral Mascara Matte DBK Stylez swatch


Well, only one of the two beauty products which I purchased is really nice. The mascara Superstar X Fiber is a great product which I would definitely recommend you to try. Both, the primer and the tops coat create long and voluminous lashes without making them clumpy. As for the second product, I had picked at the drugstore, it´s probably one of the worst lipsticks in my life. It is not matte or long-lasting, it dries the lips out and doesn´t look good. I am so happy to have purchased only one shade from this collection.


Best regards,


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