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Hi, everyone!!!

As almost every girl who freezes in winter, I am a huge fan of layering. As a little girl, I wore some warm pieces at once without knowing that I had been stylish. I am very happy about the fact that layering became so popular as I finally can feel warm and comfortable during winter and still don´t feel like a polar bear.

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Layering DBK STYLEZ 4

I prefer wearing a combination of white shirts or blouses with short sweaters. Longer sweaters styled with white shirts of the same length remind me of my office time. Don’t get me wrong, these business looks are nice but at the moment I would like to dress up more casually instead of wearing classic, pure looks. Long shirts are just perfect for layering. The sweaters I am wearing in my today’s outfit is simply made for layering as it creates a nice layer because of its length and its short sleeves. Normally I would wear a long statement necklace but at this time I decided for long and pretty earrings which, although they are quite large, look very feminine and elegant.

Layering DBK STYLEZ 5

Layering DBK STYLEZ 7

Generally, oversized pieces should be combined with body shaped bottoms. Skinny jeans or a pencil skirt accentuate such looks and make them look elegant without seeming too bulky.
Layering DBK STYLEZ 6

I´m wearing:

Shirt by Zara

Sweater by Esprit

Jeans by LTB

Pumps by 5th Avenue

Earrings by Mytho Accessories

Layering DBK STYLEZ 10

Layering DBK STYLEZ 9

How do you like my look? Are you into layering?


Layering DBK STYLEZ 11



Best regards,




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