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As I promised in one of my latest outfit posts, today I want to share with you some reasons why you should love the city of Amsterdam and why I actually do it. The idea to write this post wasn´t a spontaneous one. I decided to do it after one of my friends spoke about how dirty and awful this city was. Well, I could not agree but still, I know that Amsterdam is the city of the most wide-spread stereotypes and rumors. Interestingly, many people talking about the city as an awful city haven´t even been there. I personally think that rumors about any place you want to visit or comparisons to another you have already seen ruin every trip and affect the possibility to remain objective. Every city or place on earth is unique and reflects the cultures and mentality of the people living there. I like pretending not to have seen any other place before while traveling. It lets me enjoy every place I´ve been to and see its beautiful and unique sides. So, here are some reasons why you should love Amsterdam.

The Dutch architecture

It´s an unbelievable experience to take a walk through the Dutch canals. Most of the buildings standing along the canals were built in the 17th century and reflect the Dutch culture and history pretty much. Affluent merchants and well-off middle class lived in these town-houses. The first thing you´ll probably notice while looking at them is that they are quite narrow and stand tight to each other. Some of them are only a couple of meters long. The reason for it is that the land along the canals was incredibly expensive and only the richest and most affluent people could buy it. Still, these houses are not so small as they seem because they are very deep. They are numerous meters deep and mostly have a cozy back garden or a terrace where the Amsterdamers enjoy their evenings in summer. Another characteristic feature is that every single canal house has a gable with an iron hacker. This practical thing helped merchants to bring goods from ships directly into the house. Nowadays they are mostly used for putting pieces of furniture into the house or apartment. Most staircases in such buildings are too narrow to do it in the traditional way.

I personally would recommend you to do three things while staying in Amsterdam. First of all, make a boat tour. There are plenty of such boats every day and this is the best way to see all the canals, canal houses, and historical districts which you probably won´t reach by walking. Second, make a walk alongside some canals because it´s an amazing experience. I would go out of the center which is always overcrowded and walk to some calm and picturesque canals. Luckily, you can find them in less than a 10-minute walk and see how the Amsterdamers live. Third, if you have time, go, and visit one of such traditional Dutch canal houses. There are museums in Amsterdam depicting how people lived there. In some of them, there is also the authentic furniture of that time still showing a rich merchant´s house.



Endless entertainment and shopping opportunities

No matter what preferences you have, you will find it in Amsterdam for sure. Restaurants with every kind of kitchen you like, hundreds of clubs and much more. Some clubs are situated in interesting and unusual locations like basements of historical houses or old chapels. Do you like avocados and want to see them on every dish? You can go to such a restaurant where absolutely everything is made with avocado. Do you want an omelet for breakfast but don´t know which kind exactly? It´s not a problem. There are places you can choose among 30 different omelets versions the right one for you.

One of my favorite restaurants in Amsterdam is Cannibal Royal. It has an amazing dark atmosphere and is decorated with snakes in bottles, knives and other things. There are three Cannibal Royal restaurants in the city and in one there is even a huge saw hanging above the bar. The best thing about Amsterdam is that almost every club and bar are open until late night. So, if you want to have a snack or drink something at 2 a.m. on Thursday, you can absolutely do it. Though, to have a qualitative meal, I would recommend not to eat on the Dam square. The restaurants there are made for tourists and the Amsterdamers don´t eat there. It´s too overpriced and the quality is not too high. What you can and should do on the Dam is eating the traditional fries.


Amsterdam is a shopping paradise. You can find everything starting from inexpensive labels up to the brand ones. I find something interesting for me every time I´m in Amsterdam. My last stay wasn´t any different. I purchased the warm and cozy coat by Envii which I´m wearing in this post.

The Amsterdamers are openhearted and friendly

Of course, there are good and bad people everywhere. But in Amsterdam, I always met extremely nice and friendly people who were ready to help. I know, there are many nice people in Germany too, but in my city, Dusseldorf, there are also many patronizing and stuffy people who disgrace themselves. In Amsterdam, I always get help or advice when I need it. By the way, nowhere I got so many drinks for free than in this city. Spending the New Year´s Eve in Amsterdam in the club we got three free drinks from the barkeepers. On the second day, I ordered a sandwich and a cappuccino to go in one café. As the café was full and I needed to wait a little bit longer (which I could fully understand), I got my cappuccino for free as a compensation of my wasted time. I don´t know whether you experience such pleasant situations often, but I didn´t have anything similar somewhere else.




English is all you need

Though it´s not a problem anymore because many people in big cities all over the world speak English more or less. Still, in some places, even young people don´t speak any word in English. We had some issues in Barcelona and Bangkok where people absolutely didn´t get what we wanted from them even if it was something basic and simple. In Amsterdam, you won´t have this problem because most of the people there speak English fluently. Many Amsterdamers are raised bilingually and speak English as a mother-tongue. Absolutely nothing can go wrong there if you speak this language. Even if you decide to live there, you actually will feel comfortable speaking only English.

These were some of many reasons why I love this beautiful city and recommend you to do the same. I hope I could show you that Amsterdam is the city which is worth to go to.


I´m wearing: coat byEnvii / sweater by Tommy Hilfiger / jeans by Bershka / belt by Ralph Lauren / boots by 5th. Avenue / bag by Massimo Dutti / beanie by Esprit / earrings by H&M /




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