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Every time I read something personal on the blogs of my beauty and fashion colleagues, who reveal their thoughts, views, and some information about themselves, I want to do the same. To be honest, I am a kind of cautious and don´t talk too much. Though, thanks to my blog I dare to be more open to my readers. In today´s post, I decided to give you five facts about me which will show you how different I am from what other people think about fashion bloggers. Though I love wearing fancy evening robes and high heels, still, there are many other things I am interested in. So, here come five facts about me.



I don´t like sweets

Yes, I belong to the minority of people who absolutely don´t like sweets. I enjoy a cup of coffee without any piece of cake or a chocolate bar and don´t miss anything. I don´t like ice-cream either. One exception from this rule is the green tea ice which is great to my liking. Still, one ball of ice-cream is enough for me. From time to time I can eat a piece of cheesecake, but it happens very seldom. Still, as an aesthetic person, I enjoy nice decorated sweets and use cakes, pralines, and other desserts and use them for my Instagram flat-lays.



I am a huge movie fan

Generally, I love going to the movies. I watch everything, comedy, science-fiction, dramas, documentaries, and cartoons. Still, most of all, I like watching films about zombies and aliens. The more scaring the film is, the better it is for me. Such classics as Alien, Predator, Dawn of The Dead and other films are my favorite ones. Shows like The Walking Dead are watched while having dinner and everything smells great.



I love Rock Music

Since I was 12 years old, I love Rock music. Generally, I enjoy listening to almost every kind of music, still, rock music meets the tunes of my heart. The most interesting thing is that people who meet me for the first time cannot even imagine how hard my favorite kind of music is. The softest rock band I like is the German band Rammstein. The hardest one is Slipknot, my favorite guys wearing “pretty” masks.


I´m wearing: shirt by Zara / leggings by Calzedonia /  t-shirt by H&M / Slippers by Marina Grey 


I learnt German because of Rammstein

Though I always liked the German language, I decided to learn it after I had started to listen to Rammstein. I just wanted to understand their lyrics. I don´t need to mention how shocked I actually was after having translated some of them. Still, I believe that our life consists of numerous decisions we make. This is how everything happens. In my case, Rammstein made me learn the German language and that´s why I´m here in Germany right now.


I don´t have any tattoos

Nowadays almost everyone has got at least one tattoo. Tattoos became a normal and wide-spread kind of self-decoration. Though I like such kind of music where every band member or just a fan has many tattoos, I don´t have any. You could ask me, why? Well, I just don´t need them and don´t feel it would look nice on my body. When I was a teenager I wanted to have one. I even had an appointment at a tattoo studio. In the last minute, I changed my mind just because I knew that I would regret having done it. That is why I got my right eyebrow pierced and that was it. This decision was right for me and after some time I just took my piercing off. A couple of months later I could barely see where my piercing had been made.

These were 5 facts about me which were not related to beauty and fashion in any way. Let me know whether such posts would be interesting for you and I will write about it.



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Write something interesting about you in the comment section down below.

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