6 hottest shoe trends of fall 2017

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Shoes and accessories belong to the most important details of every outfit in my opinion. With such details, you can style up every single, even simple outfit and make it an eye-catcher. This season, there are bright colors, creative styles, and patterns on clothing and shoes. Such cute details like patches, floral prints, and patchwork moved to our feet and made shoes funny and trendy. I picked up 6 shoe trends for fall-winter 17/18 which you can wear even if you are not a bold street-style star.

White Spirit

It doesn’t matter, whether you like ankle boots, pumps or overknees, this season you can find every kind of shoes in white color. White shoes were a huge fashion fail some years ago, but now they become one of the biggest must-haves of the season. They look very fresh and stylish and make even jeans with a simple t-shirt a trendy outfit. But how can we wear them on dirty and wet fall days? Quite simple, there are numerous nano-sprays which will protect them both against humidity and dirt. The most simple and stylish way to wear white shoes is choosing cropped jeans, mini and midi skirts, and dresses. Such pieces will make your trendy shoes more eye-catching.


Maison Margiela

Giorgio Armani

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Lace-up boots

Lace-up boots were a part of numerous runway shows this season. There are elegant pointed-toe boots and massive soldier-like lace-up boots to choose from. Massive boots suit just perfectly to floral dresses and dresses with ruffles. The contrast of feminine and masculine makes the combination very stylish and bold.

Giam Battista Valli

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We got to know this trend last fall and fell in love with it. This season, it´s not going to leave. There are so many options, like overknees, ankle boots, loafers, and much more. Velvet shoes look very elegant and classy. I´m so happy to wear my favorite velvet ankle boots with mirrored heels. To style such shoes the best way, try not to go too far with your outfit. It should stay neutral, both in the colors and in the style your pieces are. Velvet shoes are a massive eye-catcher by themselves, you don´t need to exaggerate it.

Giorgio Armani

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At the latest, we all purchased overknees last fall because they were extremely in. This season they are back again. In fall 17, overknees can be can be both very slim or wide. There are also many colors to choose from. You can stay on the safe side and pick up black overknees or get creative and choose red, green, or yellow ones.


Yves Saint Laurent

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Sock Boots and Power Red

You can find sock boots practically in every fashion store. You don´t necessarily need much money for expensive designer pieces because you can shop on a budget at Zara, Mango and Co. Though, we saw many bold colors on numerous runway shows this season, still, the trendiest color is the sophisticated red. Similar to white ankle boots, you should make them visible for everyone. For that purpose, you just need a pair of cropped jeans or some mini and midi skirts and dresses. Styling them, choose neutral colors, which will look great for sure. In case you want to combine patterns or bright colors to red boots, be sure that they totally match each other.

Emporio Armani


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Futiristic gold, silver and glitter

I love glitter shoes and that is why I´m so happy about this trend. The best designers all around the fashion world presented shoes in silver, gold, or with glitter. The trendiest shoes in metallic colors are the already mentioned ankle boots and overknees. By the way, overknees can be both, very slim and bright, the so-called slouchy boots. Slouchy boots look very sophisticated and will make every outfit of yours a fashionista-one-like. Of course, boots in metallic gold, silver or with numerous glitter crystals are not everybody´s cup of tea, but this trend is something very special. Such shoes should be definitely worn with neutral colors or just with the total black. So, the black jumpsuit and glitter slouchy boots shown by Yves Saint Laurent look so futuristic, sophisticated, and over trendy.



Yves Saint Laurent

Alexis Mabille

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What shoe trends are your favorite? What are you going to wear this fall?

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  1. Kinga K.
    2. October 2017 / 18:06

    Great inspirations <3

    • Daria
      2. October 2017 / 18:45

      Thank you so much!

  2. 3. October 2017 / 6:15

    The velvet shoes is everything!
    Would you like to following each other?
    Let me know!


    • Daria
      4. October 2017 / 16:01

      I also love velvet shoes))).

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