6 tricks to make your legs look much longer

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Not every girl has endlessly long legs. I also belong to that kind. I used to give a damn about it as I was a teenager. Maybe, because I didn´t even know that one can change anything visually choosing a different type of clothes. Additionally, I used to love low waist jeans and pants because I felt that Britney Spears moment. In fact, I didn´t want to realize how disadvantageous those jeans looked on my body.

When I look at my older pics wearing this kind of low-waist stuff, I simply cannot understand how I could love something that made me look like I had the shortest legs ever.

Only with the time passing by I learned what types of clothes do not suit me at all and what can perfect and flatters my body. Since then, I strongly believe in one thing: “if you don´t look great wearing something, it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with your body. It´s just the wrong piece you´re wearing.

In this post, I summoned up my favorite tricks how to make your legs look much longer. I use them pretty often and love that feeling of having model-long legs.


Of course, heels have to be mentioned first in this post. For sure everyone knows about the power of heels but unfortunately, only a few use it in real life. The fact is that you don´t necessarily need 15cm high heels to make it work. Just stick to that height you personally find comfortable to wear. I myself prefer 10 to 12 cm heels and go higher only once in a while. A lower heel also transforms your whole look and appearance more than you think.

All girls who hate heels and don´t wear them, I highly recommend overthinking their relationship with this kind of shoes. You not only get longer looking legs but also make them look thinner and lift your but without a hard workout. Do you really want to miss this easy way to make you rock every outfit you wear?

High waist

To make your legs look longer, you should make some crucial changes in your wardrobe. One of the biggest enemies is a low waist cut. Purchasing new jeans and pants try to stick to the regular or even better to a high waist. Choosing low waist jeans was my particular problem. Since the moment I discovered high waist for me, I cannot understand how I could enjoy wearing something that made my body look so much worse.

Actually, the higher your waist will be, the better. To make it work even better, you can add a crop top to a high waisted jeans or pants. Luckily, crop tops are so in nowadays. You can basically find them whenever you need, started with a casual or evening option finishing with an elegant one. The high waist will look just fine with crop tops because it won´t let you show too much naked skin. Though, wearing such a combo, you will look like a Victoria´s Secret angel.

Vertical lines and prints

If you want to get away from monochromatic outfits and add some prints and colors into your game, you should be cautious with some of them. In fact, many active prints and bright colors combined together may even worsen the whole situation. Vertical lines, e.g., are an absolute no-go because they visibly shorten the legs and make them look even wider.

Speaking of prints, pay attention on how a particular print is combined and printed. Avoid those which look way too active because they won´t do you any favor.

I´m wearing: top by Motel Rocks / pants by Shein / leather jacket by Gipsy / bag by Skinny Dip / sandals by Mango

No Skinny Cut

Wrongly, many girls think that skinny jeans are perfect to accentuate their legs and show them from the best side. Unfortunately, skinnies not only show all the benefits of you legs but also all little disadvantages. Are your legs not super straight? Skinnies will make them look even more bowed. Do your legs have a little bit more volume? Skinnies will make them look like two sausages. Sad, but true!

Run away from the skinny jeans mythos as fast as you can. Remember that the right cut to make your legs look longer is a regular or high waist cut. Especially high waisted pieces flutter every type of the body nicely and make them look thinner and much more elegant.

If you mean it seriously, you should pay your attention on palazzo pants. These are absolute stellar for making a super elegant, thin-looking, long-legged outfit. Look at my today´s outfit, you guys! Aren´t these pants just amazing?

The accent on the waist

Belts of different kinds are such great helpers to balance out the body. Just add an elastic or a leather belt above your favorite dress, blazer or even a sweater and you set the accent on the waist, making your legs look longer. Obviously, this trick is so well-known but there are not so many girls out there who really use it.

Additionally, remember to always put your t-shirts and tops into your pants/jeans. This trick accentuates your waist as well and creates right proportions of the body.

Choose the colors wisely

Colors play a greater role to make your legs look longer than you think. Keep the following thing in mind: never pair a black top with white pants.

A black top + white pants = a bad decision which will shorten your legs drastically.

Well, some models wear this combo but if you are not 180 cm tall and have curves, you shouldn´t follow their example.

To make such a look work for you, do it vice versa. A white top and black pants create a nice and elegant combination which benefit your legs.

Another important tip: please, never stick your pants/jeans into your boots. This is the perfect way to “cut” your legs and to make the whole look as unprofitable as it is possible. Additionally, it looks super old fashion.

The outfit of the day: colorful palazzo pants paired with a leo crop top

Summoning up what was told above, I put numerous tips about how to make your legs look longer in just one outfit. These pants were such an amazing catch of mine that I always get that model moments wherever I go. The palazzo pants themselves prolong the legs so beautifully. Still, there is an additional accent on my waist (high waist by the way). I also wear heeled sandals in the similar yellow color and a crop top. Though the crop top is black, it doesn´t distract from the legs because it´s a black mesh.

Be happy with the bodies you have because you are beautiful as you are. Knowing how to accentuate or hide something you like or don´t like is so easy but it has so much power. Now you know how to make your legs look awesome. Why don´t you try it right now?





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