8 products I always use on the go

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Every girl has her favorite products which help her through every problem with her skin and hair. I also have some favorites which I repurchase as soon as I´ve run out of them. There are many products for the home use but what shall we do if we are out? In this post I want to share with you my essentials which can be found in my bag.

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  1. A hand cream. On the go I prefer a hand cream with an SPF. As our hands are constantly exposed to the sun it can cause increased pigmentation and premature aging of the skin. At the moment I use the “amazing anti-age” hand cream by Aldo Vandini. It smells rather neutral and absorbs fast. It has an SPF of 15, which is ok in the town. This product has only one disadvantage, it´s quiet difficult to find it in a drugstore.
  2. A hand sanitizer. Who knows what we actually touch throughout the day? For me is a hand sanitizer the must-have. I use it 6-7 times a day. Fortunately, they are easy to find in almost every drugstore.
  3. A sun protection. I purchased a sun protection cream in a stick and it perfect for the go. The stick doesn’t take any space in my bag and is comfortable to apply on my face. I use the “daylong extreme” by Galderma with an SPF 50+. This product is quiet good and practical. Unfortunately, it creates a kind of sticky layer on the skin which I don´t like. That is why I use it only when I cannot apply my favorite sun protection cream by Neutrogena. I posted a review on this product recently. In this review I described in detail why I love it so much. Nonetheless, the stick by Galderma is a nice product.
  4. A blotting paper / the blotterazzi. In the course of the day my T-zone gets oily. Wearing make-up, it´s quiet difficult to solve this problem without ruining the complexion. For this occasion, I have these two guys. I purchase the blotting paper by Nyx as it is a nice and inexpensive product. In case when I do not have them at hand, I use my favorite blotterazzi. The best thing about this product is that you can reuse it every time. Just wash it with a baby shampoo and let it dry. I love this product!
  5. A Cushion by Lóreal. I also have a review on this gorgeous cushion. In this review I praised this foundation. As for me, this is a great idea to put a foundation in such a small package. You can apply this foundation even with your fingers and it will look pretty. You can take it wherever you go and be sure that you can do touch-ups during the day. This is my number one for every day.
  6. Lip care by Lancaster. As I have dry lips I have already tried thousands of different lip care products. I had to apply my lip care product every 2 hours. I didn´t expect that the “aquamilk” by Lancaster would be so much different as the products I had tried before. This product is perfect for dry lips as it moisturizes them for a long time. I can go out without anything but this product. It´s always in my bag.
  7. Thermal water by Avene. I always use thermal water as I love how it freshens and calms down my sensitive skin. I use it at home, in the office and after sports but I can´t take a big bottle of thermal water in my bag. It´s just too big. That is why I am so happy about little bottles of thermal water by Avene. Each bottle includes 50ml of the product and is small enough to have to in the bag. You can even take it with you in your hand language.
  8. The Tangle Teezer. This is the last product from my list of essentials. I think that everyone knows the famous untangle brush. It is especially good if you have a long and fine hair as I do. This brush is my savior every day. I cannot imagine how I had been living without it all the years.

All eight products mentioned above help me in different situations every day and let me look and feel good. I am really happy to have them in my bag. What are your favorite essentials? What do you use every day on the go?

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