A floral dress with an XXL sweater as a spring outfit


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How did I dress in high-school?

In case you regularly watch YouTube videos, you probably have seen the videos about “how I did my makeup in high-school” which went viral some months ago. Recently, when I found my pictures from my teenage time, I felt the same but in a fashion sense. Of course, it´s absolutely normal to feel different in every age and like different things. So, there is so much stuff we love and think it´s beautiful as a teenager but cannot understand why we needed all this crap when we are older. Looking on my teenage time pictures lets me go back in this cool and unique time on the one hand and smirk about my makeup and style on the other hand. At once, many of my favorite fashion items looked different to me. Some of them let me think “what the hell I was thinking about?” Though, at that time nobody could have changed my mind and prove me my favorite pieces hadn´t been cool at all. I would describe my style as a teenager as “all in one”. It doesn´t mean it was so practical and versatile. It just means that I seemed to put all what I loved on and make an outfit of it even if those pieces would barely match.

So, I saw my favorite skirt at that time with absolutely different eyes. It used to be one of the most special pieces for me. I saved my money to purchase it because it was quite expensive for a high-school student. I was so happy and proud to finally have it. My mom called the skirt “a petal” because it was so short and hat such a fluttering material. It was a black skirt which was extremely low-waisted. It was the 2000´s and such things like cropped tops and low-waisted jeans and skirts were so on point. Of course, Britney and Christina were the persons who made it so huge. I cannot describe you the feeling when I wore that skirt. I just felt amazing and trendy. Now, at least 12 years later when I see the pictures on which I wear it, I cannot understand why I wanted it so badly. Frankly, I don´t even know why I felt it had been something that special to save my money on. Now, I would wear it on no account just because it´s so low-waisted that one more centimeter couldn´t have been more crucial. And yes, now I understand why my mom made out this name for the skirt.

Generally speaking, my toady´s style has nothing in common with my style as a teenager. Though I always loved destroyed jeans, biker jackets, and rock band t-shirts, still, all these pieces were just separate pieces which I not really could put to a harmonic outfit. But it´s ok. We should never forget one thing that all trends go away and so do our preferences. Nonetheless, it´s so cool to see how we change, how we looked like and what we loved in the past. It lets all the great memories come back. Well, maybe such pictures cannot be used as beauty & fashion guides, but they definitely improve your mood.

A feminine floral dress with an XXL sweater – a spring combination

It got colder again in Germany. Though, for me, it´s not a reason to get back to the winter coats. Instead, I prefer creating a spring-like but warm and comfortable outfit like this one. I took my favorite floral dress as a base and put an oversized sweater just above it. To make it look elegant and feminine, I chose gray suede over the knees. It´s also important to accentuate the waist in order not to look too bulky. So, I decided for a black leather belt. This is how easy an oversized sweater can be transformed into a feminine spring outfit piece.

Ich trage: Pulli von Zara / Kleid von Zara / Overknees von EGO / Sonnenbrille von Michael Kors /



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  1. 2. April 2018 / 15:59

    Ein richtig lässiger Look ganz nach meinem Geschmack.
    Die Grautöne sind ja wirklich toll aufeinander abgestimmt.
    Hab einen wundervollen Abend <3
    Liebste Grüße,

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