A layering outfit with cozy oversized pieces


The end of the year is not so easy for me because I´ve been facing several health issues for two months already. It started with my tooth which got a root inflammation. Unfortunately for me, it could not be saved and it needed to be pulled. My wound could barely heal when I got food poisoning. It happened last week, and I felt so bad that I couldn´t eat or walk or do anything. Usually, I work every day on my blog or Instagram or other things. Last week threw me so far away from all the things which had been standing on my agenda as if there hadn´t been six days but two weeks at least. Now I have to work thrice as much to catch up on all the projects that need to be completed until the end of the year. I can only hope that these health issues are gone so that I can get back to my normal routine.       

The fall-inspired December

When I post outdoor pictures on my Instagram, many people suppose that they had been taken during the golden fall. The truth is, that it doesn’t even look like December outside. How do I get a Christmas mood when every time I look out of my window, I see leaves on the trees? I was never a fan of cold weather but somehow, I miss the winter feeling and wish it could be a little colder in Duesseldorf. Then, I could finally take my cozy Uggs out of the wardrobe.

Layering with oversized pieces

So many women are afraid of oversized clothing. In my today´s outfit, I went even further and styled numerous voluminous pieces together. Actually, if you know how to style oversized pieces correctly, you have no reason to be afraid that they will make you look bigger. I chose a classic cocoon coat and added a very wide oversized turtle-neck sweater to it. The trick while styling such pieces together is balancing them with more flattering, slim-fit downs. That’s why I put on a cute mini skirt in a suede optic. To not make my legs look way too short because of the length of the sweater, I stuck one side of the sweater into the skirt. It accentuated how slim my body actually is and made my legs look longer. To put an accent to the outfit, I chose trendy ankle-boots with asymmetric heels and leo print. The makeup can also be more active. I used my favorite color “yummy” from Jeffree Star Cosmetics for it. As you can see, even such voluminous and very oversized looking pieces can be transformed into a flattering outfit.

I´m wearing: coat by Zara / sweater by Zara / skirt by H&M / ankle-boots by Stradivarius /



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  1. 11. December 2018 / 3:48

    Все больше понимаю, как же похожи наши гардеробы! У меня есть и эти ботильоны (обожаю их!), и серое объемное пальто, и целых 4 больших серых свитера, и даже юбка с молнией спереди тоже есть))
    Мы действительно сестры по разуму)) Только мне бы конечно пришлось добавить колготки, наш климат заставляет ходить в них иногда даже летом(

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