A Na-Kd leather dress with solid Dr. Martens boots

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Hello, beauties! As a huge leather fan, I get super excited every time I see leather pieces on the Fashion-Week runways and feeling that it´s getting back to life in the coming season. My obsession with leather pieces started with a leather biker jacket. After having purchased just one, I ended up having four more. Now I have numerous leather pants, dresses, and much more, and can´t get enough of it. I´m even thinking of purchasing a leather trench coat to enrich my collection. Many of the pieces are faux leather but I don´t want to call it this way. To me, it´s just a leather optic and that’s it. For today´s outfit, I chose my latest catch, a baby doll dress, I happened to come across to recently. Now, it´s one of THE pieces for the fall.

Leather dresses – aggressive, provocative or absolutely casual?

Some years ago, it wouldn´t be normal to wear a leather dress as a go-out outfit or simply as a part of a daily look. Leather pants and jackets used to be seen as signature pieces for people associated with rock and metal music or bikers. Leather dresses also used to be seen in a way different way than nowadays. Thanks to numerous famous designers and years we had to get used to them, they lost that kinky touch. Of course, there are still dresses that can be way beyond normal, but still, there are thousands of options out there which look absolutely classy or even innocent. By and large, today nobody would feel overwhelmed seeing a leather dress on the street.

I´m wearing: trench coat by H&M / dress by Na-Kd / boots by Dr. Martens / bag by Valentino /

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A mix of hardness and elegance

I love putting different styles together in most of my outfits. Being a rock´n´roll girl, I often add some rocky touches to my looks. It can be just a small detail or an accessory, but it will show my nature even if I wear a cocktail dress.

This cute leather dress was made to be worn with the solid Dr. Martens boots. At first, I wanted it to be a total-black combination but then I thought it would be just too easy, and it will definitely look like a total rock´n´roll. That´s why I added an elegant touch with an oversized trench coat to the outfit.

The outfit turned out to be very eye-catching. So, I decided against any active accessories except the small bag by Valentino and orangy lipstick. I like how interesting and unusual this outfit looks and how nicely the elegant touch meets the hard´n´heavy one.

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What do you think about this style crush?


Lieben Gruß,

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