A personal style means wearing what you like according to how you feel


Many fashion magazines often give tips about how to find your style. I personally don´t think that it makes any sense because who said that there is just one style we should stick to? I strongly believe that life is too short to wear boring clothes. Sticking to just one style is the same for me. Though recently, I used sports details quite frequently in my outfits, still, it doesn´t mean I changed my style completely. The truth is, I just love wearing those clothes which reflect my current mood.

Choose your style according to the way you feel

To me, choosing my outfits, mixing and matching is a kind of reflection. My outfits reflect my mood and the way I feel at that moment. One day, I can feel like an elegant and feminine princess and I try to wear something accordingly. Another day, I want to show my strong and fierce side and such outfit won´t be slightly similar to the previous one so how could it be possible to show your personality with just one style when so many stylists and magazines want us to find it? Picking up only one style, you will get used to hide yourself behind the clothes. Is it something you truly want? Even if you work in the office and there are not so many opportunities to add something different and new to your work outfits, it makes even more sense to have a completely different style for your free time. I see so many office workers who got used to this business dress-code and wear something office-like even on weekends. I feel so pity for them because they simply forgot about how to feel different and feel free in color and style. Even if it´s just for the weekend. They are caught in the style routine that they forgot how to show their personality through the clothes.

My life recently was quite active and stressful. That´s why I wore many sport chic outfits. But my today´s outfit is the opposite of it. As you can see, I didn´t say goodbye to femininity and elegance. I paired a suede skirt in a midi-length with a simple t-shirt and a Chanel-like blazer. It needs to be said, that I´m in love with this skirt which can found here. It is so flattering and isn´t expensive at all. Choosing a midi length, I would recommend wearing high-heels. Not every one of us has endless model legs but wearing high-heels you get this look. I didn´t want this outfit to be way too conservative. The best way to avoid it is by choosing modern accessories. I picked up a cute pouchette with studs by Valentino and sandals with unusual heels. They give the look a certain pop of style and modernity without stealing a classy touch.

I´m wearing: top by Asos / blazer by Zara / skirt by Shein (here) / sandals by EGO / bag by Valentino




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