A plaid dress and slouchy boots – this is how stylish winter can be

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Hi, beauties! For sure, many of you made several New Year´s resolutions. How is it going three weeks after new year’s eve? Have you been working on them or are those resolutions still on the paper? I always used to make some for the coming year but this time I skipped it. In fact, my huge plans and goals brought me nothing except of stress. That´s why I decided to concentrate on getting better in the things I love, gain more emotional stability, peace, and self-acceptance in 2020. Last year proved me that these things are most important, and you can achieve others only if you have everything mentioned above.

Still, there are some goals I set this time. I´m proud that I learn the Dutch language every day since January 2. Why do I need it? Well, I go to the Netherlands quite regular and every time the only language I use is English. Though it makes everything much easier, I want to be able to understand Dutch and speak the language in return. Additionally, I like how interesting Dutch sounds. I hope that next time I´m in Amsterdam, I´ll already be able to say this or that.

Pants for summer, dresses for winter

This may sound quite weird but it´s true. I seem to wear pants, jeans, and shorts in summer more often than I wear dresses and skirts. Everything changes in winter. I don´t know why but I kind of feel like wearing something more elegant. Maybe this is the reason I wear this A-line plaid dress so often this season. It looks amazing and this cut flatters every type of body (you definitely need such dresses in your wardrobe). By the way, if you´re looking for nice dresses, you should visit Alba Moda. They have dresses for every occasion and taste. I added trendy slouchy boots to the plaid dress. These boots are perfect for mini and midi skirts and dresses. A cocoon coat not only rounds up the outfit but also brings a casual vibe making the whole ensemble less polished and more dynamic. Find more styling tips for a cocoon coat in one of my older posts here.

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Speaking of the bag, I decided to add another hot trend of the season, a belt bag. But compared to the belt bags we used to love and wear a year ago, this one is way more elegant and feminine. Its half-round shape and a crocodile optic make it look amazing paired with dresses and skirts. Additionally, wearing such a bag you finally get your hands free. It’s like a dream come true.


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I´m wearing: coat by Zara / dress by Zara / bag by Hallhuber / boots by Zara

Wie sieht es bei euch aus? Tragt ihr gerne Kleider im Winter?



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