A rational shopping instead of the emotional one

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Hi, beauties! It´s the last November week, which is also almost over, can you believe it? This time the first advent is exactly on the first winter day. It feels kinda special to me. Yesterday, I put my hand-made advent wreath together and the first candle is already waiting to be lighted. Do you make your advent wreath yourself or do you prefer to buy it ready and shiny?

For sure, many of you have been shopping today. Black Friday makes it possible to get discounts on almost everything. I used to have a spree on this day but since last year I completely reconsidered my shopping behavior. I learned to shop more consciously. I rather don´t purchase anything instead of purchasing something I don´t even need just because it was much cheaper than usual. Now, I see the process of discount shopping with different eyes, black Friday is not an exception.

Successful shopping is not about emotions but more about rationality

How often do we purchase anything just because we want it right now without even thinking whether we actually need it or not? I think, quite often. Especially, when prices sink, we tend to forget everything and purchase practically all those things we don´t need. Later, after coming home many of us finally understand that they went with the shopping flow. Many of the purchased items won´t be worn or they simply don´t even match the other pieces we already have. Well, this happens a lot when you go shopping emotionally but not rationally. The only thing you have in your head is “I want this”. This emotional desire is a spontaneous desire which doesn´t last long. This is why you may regret having purchased many things you wanted so badly in the store.

Knowing this, I prefer going shopping in two steps. First, I go to the stores to take a look and to try on the items I like. After that I go home without purchasing anything. Sometimes, it´s helpful to take pictures of yourself in the pieces to understand whether you need them. I take some time to think about what I really want. Spontaneous wishes mostly disappear after 1 or 2 days. The more permanent ones remain and that´s what shows me what I should purchase in the end. Doing so, I remarkably reduced the number of pieces I bought which I´m very proud of.

Additionally, it makes sense to go shopping thinking rationally, e.g. to check, whether the piece you want to purchase would match the other things in your wardrobe and whether you need it at all. Believe me, you don´t necessarily need the 10th similar white blouse you already have. The same thing applies when you purchase any skincare or makeup. Those items have their inspiration date and in case you already have 5 eye creams which are waiting their turn, the new one will be the sixth in a row. Feeling lightheadedness because of all the deals and discounts can be very unnecessary.

Shop the look:

The things I laid my hand on this time

Many deals and discounts have started in the beginning of the week, so I didn´t have to wait until Friday. Th first item I got is a dazzling sequin dress by Maje. Though it still cost quite a lot, I could save 20% which is nice and makes almost 100 EUR. The second and last thing I got is the backstage foundation by Dior. I also got a 20% discount and given that I wanted to try it for a longer time, I´m glad I could save some cash. As you can see, I didn´t plunder the stores and got only those things I really wanted. It´s such a damn great feeling to know that at the wheel of your shopping actions and don´t let your spontaneous desires take control of you.

I´m wearing: trench coat by H&M / shirt by Zara / skirt by Na-Kd / boots by Zara / bag by Patrizia Pepe /

What about you? Have you been shopping? If yes, what did you get?







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