A white shirt dress with overknees – black & white combination


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Finally, I´m back in Duesseldorf after two weeks full of short trips, blogger events, and other things. I will tell you more about all of them in the monthly round-up next week. Though I have a great mood, it slowly turns to become bad because of all the dirty clothes which need to be washed, my apartment which is a complete chaos with all the boxes and packages staying everywhere. For sure you know what I mean. It makes me angry because I hate seeing my place in that condition. So, these days I have to plan enough time to clean everything up and not to forget about numerous meetings and arrangements. An adult life can be so stressful sometimes. Because of all that, today´s post won´t be too long. I would even say that it´s kind of a fresh start after having a little break and another fashion inspiration.


Shirt-dress – a multifunctional dress which suits every style

I´ve been practically looking for a white shirt-dress for years until now. To my regret, I couldn´t find it anywhere. Well, there were some pieces, but they didn´t look like I was imaging they should. A month ago, I was shopping at Asos and saw this piece at random. Of course, I purchased it immediately. All these years I wanted to pair such a dress with black overknees. In the end, I also added a black blazer to it which created a nice black & white combination with kind of a style twist. The outfit spreads some business look vibes but is quite daring at the same time. What do you think?


Ich trage: Kleid von Asos / Blazer von Zara / Overknees von Buffalo / Tasche von Furla / Armbänder von Pandora




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