“Absolute eye colour” eyeshadow by Catrice – review

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Catrice Lidschatten matte3

Good eyeshadows are not only the expensive ones. There are also many inexpensive brands which make nice and qualitative eyeshadows. One of such brands is #Catrice, a drugstore brand which can be find in Germany and many other European countries. Their solo eyeshadows are of perfect quality and have a wide shade specter. One can also find different finishes, as satin, or metallic or matte ones.

I purchased two matte eyeshadows which are perfect for hooded eyes and are basic for almost every make-up. The first shade is a matte white “090 bring me frosted cake” which can be a nice transition shade all over the lid or can set a beautiful accent under the brow. The second one “930 Cosnova”, is a nice shade for the crease of the eye.

Catrice Lidschatten matte1

I use these eyeshadows almost every day as they are really basic, look natural and can be blend out very easily. Additionally, they are inexpensive.

Catrice Lidschatten matte


The solo matte eyeshadows “absolute eye colour” by Catrice are nice and qualitative products. One gets a lot of product for a small price. I could recommend these eyeshadows to everyone just because they do their job very well and can be used in almost every make-up.

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