Affirmations: a self-deception or a chance for a happier life

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Hi, beauties! If you´ve been on my blog for a while, you know for sure how deeply I believe in affirmations and positive energy. I use these principles a lot in my life and they work for me. Recently, when I posted a picture with a caption dedicated to affirmations on my Instagram, I got a comment which said that affirmations were some sort of self-deception. I found it quite interesting because I never thought about it this way. To me, it definitely was food for thought. For sure, there are many people out there who find positive thinking and affirmations silly and laugh about it. It all depends on how critical these people are. All things that need our believing in them depend only on how we see them. That´s why affirmations work for some people and are held for something hilarious and silly for the others. In this post, I wanna give you a perspective on how I see affirmations and why I think they can significantly improve your life.

Everyone sees what he/she wants to see

The way we see the world around us means how we feel about it and how much harmony we have with ourselves and our life. I know it way too well because I´ve always been a skeptical person. I needed so many things to happen to me to finally understand that I need to get a new lease on life. So many years I dragged myself deeper and deeper into a very unhappy state of mind. I´m sure that there are many people who feel like I did. I could always feel that stress and negative emotions do really affect the way how I feel but some time ago I started experiencing physical pains and getting some health issues almost every time, I got stress or felt an emotional storm within me. That was the first signal to me to try to change anything in my life. First of all, I wanted to change the whole situation because I want to stay healthy and have a happy life. Last autumn, I came across with the books by Louisa Hay which gave me that push-start into affirmations and positive thinking.

After reading her books I tried out saying positive affirmations in front of the mirror for the first time. Frankly, I felt silly and uncomfortable. Why? That´s simple, my skepticism overwhelmed me it was a normal reaction for me. Louisa Hay recommends doing such mirror affirmations every morning for seven days and seeing what changes you´ll experience. I did as recommended and concentrated on what I feel. After five days I discovered that my skeptical smile turned into a soft and positive one and I actually didn´t feel silly anymore. Since then, I´ve been practicing positive affirmations almost every morning and I really feel better and happier because it helps me to realize how much I have in my life and how great our life actually is. Affirmations are not a magic wand and they can´t change every single person in the world but they can change your way of seeing this world and yourself and feel more comfortable in it.


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Some people find affirmations stupid and ridiculous only because they drowned in their skepticism way too deep and they are simply not ready to accept any positive changes at that point. If you change the way you see the world around you, the world will change for the better. I proved it myself and I still know how hard it can be to concentrate on the positive and great things in life just because you tend to see everything in a negative way, especially if you´re experiencing stress or pressure. Still, everyone sees what he or she wants to see. Some of us see the blue sky and the sun every day, others only see a traffic jam, the delay of the train, and other negative things. It´s always up to you.

Affirmations: a self-deception or a great chance to positively change your life

Affirmations are so powerful and can affect your life the way you want it to be, provided, you believe it. Believing something is an even more powerful thing and is significant for a happy and great life. When you think positively through affirmations, you´ll start noticing even small pleasant things which happen every day and make it so special. Well, maybe affirmations are a kind of self-deception, but I personally happily deceive myself if it makes me feel better, happier, and lets me enjoy my life more. Could I change my life completely? No, but I won´t stop doing what I´ve been doing and will continue my journey to that state of mind which means a balance with myself and my life to 100%.

I´m wearing: jeans jacket by Shein / tracker pants by Na-Kd / top by Maje / bag by Zara / pumps by 5th. Avenue / earrings by EVI /





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  1. Nina
    26. April 2019 / 19:20

    I never thought of affirmations as a self-deception, interesting point. As for your outfit, you look absolutely gorgeous , love you bag and heels. Happy Friday, dear. xx

    Nina’s Style Blog

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