Age shield face by Neutrogena – review

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Sun protection is very important all around the year. In winter I use sun protection of 20-30 and in summer 50+. I know that many girls do not think about sun protection in winter but use it only in summer or just on vacation at the sea. For summer season I found a new sun protection cream, which became my favorite one and wanna share it with you.

I purchased age shield face cream by Neutrogena on amazon in the USA as there is no such high SPF in Europe. This cream has the SPF of 110 and it´s the highest I´ve ever seen. Compared to many other sun protection creams, this one is not sticky and it doesn´t give you a shiny sweaty looking skin. It creates a matte finish and let your skin breathe. I hated this shiny look so many different creams had given me. I felt as if I had been sweating the whole day. Anti-age shield face absorbs very fast and you can apply make-up you want without touching up more than you do it without any sun protection.


The age shield face by Neutrogena is my favorite sun protection cream for sunny days. This cream has the highest SPF I could find anywhere. Even in the heat it will remain matte and nice. It won´t give a feeling of sticky and sweaty skin. The cream costs ca. 17 EUR which is ok for such a good product. Although I have enough of this cream yet, I have already ordered a second package as I don´t wanna miss it.


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