AHAVA Time to hydrate (gentle eye cream)

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Lately I was looking for a new eye cream with two main criteria, it should be something herbal or with the minimum chemicals in it and be approved for sensitive skin. That is how I found the products by AHAVA. Their products contain neither parabens no sulfates. Additionally AHAVA doesn’t test its products on animals (which is absolutely great). So I chose a light eye cream “time to hydrate. Gentle eye cream”. This cream is really very light. The moisturising cream is rapidly absorbed and leaves the skin with a feeling of cooling and comfort (which is very important for the girls with dry skin). Another advantage of this cream (at least for me) is that it has almost no smell. It would be good also for the girls with different skin types because of its very lights texture. It is teh right choice for the summer or a vacation somethere in the South.


This eye cream is highly recomended by me. You just should notice one thing. This cream doesn’t reduce wrinlkes (at least not the wrinkles due to the age). So if you just need a light hydration for your eyes´ skin, then this will be the right choice for you. I really like the “time to hydrate” cream. I am almost sure that I will purchase another one.

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