“All matt plus” by Catrice or “Fit me” by Maybelline – what is better?

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At the moment I have a combination skin and try to find a nice foundation which will stay matte for a long period of time. This time I decided to test two drugstore foundations: All matt plus by Catrice and Fit me by Maybelline. Both foundations are supposed to create a nice, matte and long-lasting coverage and cost ca. 10 EUR.

I begin with the foundation by Catrice which really surprised me. In the first second when I applied it on my face I noticed how beautiful was the color of it. The shade “05 Vanilla beige” matched perfectly to my skin. Well, I think, this is the only positive thing that I can say about this product. Its scent is very chemical and strong. But this is not the main problem of this foundation. It lasted just about an hour as my skin became oily again. I even think that I never had such an oily skin after so little time. So I definitely won´t use this product.

As for the product by Maybelline, it is made in the form of a stick. It can be applied precisely and easy. I enjoyed using this foundation. It did its job really well and my skin remained matte for a long time. I have to admit that I didn’t expect it from this product. Additionally, the fit me foundation has a high coverage in just one layer and can be used on the go.

Maybelline Catrice Foundations Competition1


 In my personal challenge the fit me foundation is a winner. It is such a good product which really helps to get a matte skin for a long time. The all matt plus foundation by Catrice is a product that I wouldn’t recommend at all. Actually Catrice has many nice products but I really disappointed with this one. The foundation creates a matte finish just for a short period of time. My skin feels and looks much better and less oily without using it.

Maybelline Catrice Foundations Competition swatch

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