Baby doll meets sturdy combat boots


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I´m writing this blog post just before leaving for Russia. To be more precise, I will be sitting at the airport and waiting for my flight at the moment it is published. On the one hand, I´m kind of upset to leave Germany because we have so amazing spring days here. The temperature reaches plus 24 degrees Celsius and it´s the perfect time to spend it outside and enjoying the sunshine and nature which is awakening from its winter sleep. Tomorrow, everything will be different because we fly to Kazan where the Spring didn´t show up yet. According to the weather report, in Kazan, there is plus one degree Celsius and I don´t know how I could survive it there. Well, business trips are not always in sunny and warm places, right?! Next months will be full of action, events, and travels. In April we are having trips to Dubai and Berlin. Additionally, there are some blogger events which are going to be fun. The only thing which makes it complicated is a slight chance to make private arrangements. So, I already postponed my arrangement at the dentist´s two times because I just couldn´t be there. Another important thing is my long-desired arrangement at the hairdresser’s. I´m officially turning blonde again and saying goodbye to the trendy balayage I have been having for more than a year. I hope I could provide you with a little life update for the April. Though I will try to stick to my normal schedule of publishing blog posts, there might be some skips.




Babydoll dress meets sturdy boots

For today, I prepared a simple and comfy outfit. Though it looks that simple, it combines three absolutely different styles. I took a baby doll dress with a high waist and paired it with a formal plaid blazer. To make it a little bit more casual, I rolled the sleeves up. Sturdy combat boots brought the outfit to the point and created a great style contrast. I have to admit that I absolutely love these boots. As a teenager, I wanted to have them so badly, but they were too expensive for me. At the end of 2017 when I stayed in Amsterdam, I came across with this pair. I just needed to have them. Now, they turned to be my personal must-have item. I practically wear them every day and love how cool they look.



I´m wearing: dress by Uniqlo / blazer by Bershka / boots by Dr. Martens /  




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