Bad days just happen, Don´t play a hero, let them pass!


They say that our life is like a zebra which has both black and white stripes. I can totally relate to the sentence because the moment I say loud that everything in my life goes smooth and I am happy, I get slapped by fate. Meanwhile, I refer to not say it out loud and keep it to myself. Did you experience anything like that? Still, sometimes things get even weirder. Last week I had such crazy two days which made me think that it´s impossible to have more bad luck than I had.



Bad days just happen and it´s better to sit out and let them pass

This is what I discovered works out for me personally. On such days when everything goes wrong, I prefer to slow down and sit out this bad period of time. Well, on two bad days I was talking about the above, I couldn´t just say “bye” to everyone and go home. I had a lot to do but I wished I could have gone home. Still, last Sunday I couldn’t handle it anymore and postponed or even canceled all my arrangements. I needed a little bit time for myself and calming down. If you feel like you are getting too much and can barely handle it, don´t play a hero. Stay home, do something to unwind and let the bad days pass. My Sunday was pretty good, I could use the time for my work and even took a warm relaxing bubble bath.


I used to think that such days don´t affect our life that much but these two days had been full of unpleasant events, news, and occasions I would love to skip. I don´t know, whether it´s a special moon phase or a weird sun activity but sometimes it´s like everything turns against you. Now I know better and will try my best to not plan anything very important on such days.


What does it have in common with Amsterdam?

My spirits were so low, that I decided to add these cool pictures from my latest trip to Amsterdam. It just felt right because it´s one of my favorite cities ever. I tried to pick something cool but comfortable while staying in Amsterdam. This time, I decided for a cute overall by Maje. You already could see it here. This time, I wanted to give it a classic touch, rather than a sporty one like it was in the first outfit. I paired it with a classic white shirt and leather boots which are made in the English style. I love how the rolled up pants of the overall look with these English dandy-like boots. Which combo do you prefer more, a sporty one or this more classy but edgy one?


I´m wearing: overall by Maje / boots by 5th. Avenue / shirt by Hugo Boss / bag by Furla




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