Baked eyeshadow palette by Faberlic – review

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Faberlic Lidschatten

I already have experience with make-up products by Russian brand #Faberlic. Many things are really good and the best thing is that their products are available in many European countries, e.g. Germany. This time I purchased a baked eyeshadow mini-palette.

Faberlic Lidschatten4

This eyeshadow palette is a combination of four colors and the line includes palettes of green, blue, nude and classical smokey-eyes fades. I chose a blue fades palette because it looked gorgeous on the website and I didn’t own such shades in my make-up collection.

Faberlic Lidschatten3

From the first sight this palette looks like the “les 4 ombres” by Chanel. The design of the box and the combination of the shades is very similar to Chanel. I wrote a review to the eyeshadow palette by Chanel which can still be found here. In that review I noticed that the pigmentation of the palette was rather poor. Contrary to Chanel the quality and the pigmentation of the product by Faberlic just blew me away. All four colors are stunning.


I love the baked eyeshadow palette by Faberlic. This product is gorgeous. Its pigmentation, its shades and its price (at the moment you can buy it just for 6,95 EUR) are stunning. I only regret having bought just one palette. Maybe I will buy a nude shades palette as this product is really worth it.

Faberlic Lidschatten SwatchFaberlic Lidschatten Swatch1

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