Band T-shirt style

Finally, t-shirts with the names of our favorite rock bands are in again. First, I wanted to purchase such t-shirt but then I remembered that I actually had something that I needed in my wardrobe. It is my “rammstein” t-shirt from 2001 which was a franchise product for the “mother” tour. I combined this t-shirt with hot pants and a leather biker jacket. I decided for black sneakers with crystals. This outfit is really stylish, casual and cool. Well, it´s actually, everything one needs for a cool and rocky summer.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2
Outfit 3
Outfit 4
Outfit 5

I´m wearing:

Rammstein t-shirt (franchise product)

Hot pants by Gloria Jeans

Sneakers by Gabor

Leather jacket by Zara

 Outfit 6

Outfit 7 Outfit 8

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