Basics, play it different!

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With this beautiful but very unusual dress I was taken out of my comfort zone. Its cut is similar to the baby doll style but much more exaggerated. To be honest, I was even considering at the COS store, whether it could look nice. But it really does and looks even better than I expected it to do. Although it´s extravagant but still quite simple and basic which makes it possible to wear very massive and extraordinary neck laces and other accessories. I decided for a long neck lace with a glass ball and two metal parts. Additionally, I wanted to create some complexity to the outfit and give it a bright color. In my case it´s red. I chose wedge heel shoes and a bag, both in red. This dress can also be perfect for a kind of sporty look with some flat or sport shoes. I will show you such a look shortly. So, stay tuned!






cos-detaillsFashion tip of the day: Don´t be afraid to try something different, both in your life and in your style. Sometimes we all need to leave our comfort zone in order get better and reach our goals. Your life is like fashion, there are no direct rules, so think about it when you go shopping next time.

I´m wearing:

Dress by COS (here)

Shoes by CCC

Bag by Furla

Neck lace by COS (here)

Pompon was found on Amazon

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