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Hello, dear readers!

Recently, as I looked through the latest pictures on Instagram, one thing attracted my attention. So many girls on their photos looked pretty much the same. Do not get me wrong, they all were beautiful but at some point, I didn´t even recognized which account I had visited. This fact made me think about the importance of finding a unique style which would reveal you as a person and not only show your favorite brands. Do all fashion and beauty bloggers should wear hair extensions and fake lashes? Do all of us should post photos which had been totally photoshopped? Should we all wear the same clothes? I don´t think so! Well, I must admit that some time ago I also had tried to become such a girl. But the more I tried the more difficult it got to pursue my own ideal. The worst thing about it is the fact that I didn´t feel happy. I am sure there are many girls out there who feel the same way I did. But I stopped pursuing this unreal illusion. It doesn’t mean I want to say bye to the world of fashion and beauty. It just means that I want to be happy. Oscar Wilde said: „be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” This quote became my life motto as it represents the way I feel. We can be happy only when we accept our own personality and live in a balance with ourselves. It doesn´t matter, what style you prefer, whether you are short or tall etc. The only thing which does matter is the way how you feel by doing the things you love! Don´t be afraid to be yourself and stick to it. The diversity makes the world so beautiful! Writing this post, I just want you to remember how unique every one of you is. Be happy and be yourself!



At the end of my post I want to say some words about my today´s cozy and warm outfit. As I am very sensitive to cold I love wearing cardigans during fall and winter. For some time, I had been looking for a longer version of this warm knit piece. Finally, I found the right item for me. It´s a long cardigan by Esprit. The best thing about it is that it is a kind of two-piece item because of a scarf which is sewed to it. I decided for a casual t-shirt and black skinny jeans for a color contrast in my outfit. Trendy metal decorated boots, a cool, in the length adjustable necklace and a classical fedora hat complete my look.


I am wearing:

Cardigan by Esprit

Jeans by Calvin Klein (old)

T-Shirt by Esprit, similar here and here

Boots by Bronx

Necklace by Esprit, similar in rose here

Hat by Diefenthal


Best regards,



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