Beauty favorites of November

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The November is over and it´s quite weird how fast time flies. I feel as if it had been yesterday when I wrote the post about my favorite beauty products of the month. Today I want to share with some new products which I tried and loved in November. Of course, some favorites of October are still in use, use can find the post about them here, but still there is a bunch of new items I fell in love with. So, let´s get started!


„Cell renew snail sleeping mask“ by Missha

I already tried this face mask about one year ago, and I absolutely loved it. That is why I ordered it for the fall and winter again. The package is 110ml which is quite a lot, especially comparing with many other brands. This face mask is a skin care product from the line super aqua with such an ingredient as snail slime. This product should be applied on the face, neck and decollate and left for the whole night. After having used, I love how smooth and hydrated my skin looks and feels.


Eye cream “pep-start” by Clinique

I bought this eye cream for the second time as I´m very satisfied with how it works on my skin. I love using this eye cream in the morning because it makes my skin look heathier, smoother and firmer within seconds. A metal roller massages and takes the puffiness away. Additionally, this cream is a nice product to take with while flying or just having a long travel by car as it gives you’re an absolute fresh kick any time you need it.


Pro – longwear paint pot by MAC

This product could be a must-have for you in the following cases:

  1. You do your eye make-up very often;
  2. You have such small imperfections as tiny veins or capillaries on eye area and you want conceal them;
  3. Your eye area gets oily during the day and ruins your eye make-up:

I use the shade “soft ochre” which matches my olive skin undertone quite nice. It conceals all imperfections and helps to intensify the color of my eyeshadows. As the product is a long-lasting one, I have a perfect eye make-up the whole day long without touching up as it doesbeauty-favorites-of-november-mac-benefit-dbk-stylez


Precisely, brow my pencil by Benefit

I just love this eyebrow product! Actually, Benefit launched a bunch of new eyebrow products last summer and many of them are really nice. This eyebrow pencil is my favorite because of its texture and the shade, which matches perfect to the natural color of my eyebrows. It is also quite hard, that is how one can reform the shape of the brows and “create” hair even where are none of them in the real life. The pencil is easy to use and the result remains for the whole day.


Magic drops by Collistar

I´ve been using this self-tanner for quite a bit but last November I used it regularly. The reason for that is simple, I just became way too fair and want to look a little bit healthier. I like this self-tanner because it´s easy to use and it is based on oil texture, which make it to spread the product on my face, neck and decollate evenly. The result is very natural-looking and only a few drops of the product are enough to spread on the needed areas.


Scented candle “woody vanilla” by Rituals

I already mentioned that I am an absolute vanilla fan. That is why I always have vanilla-scented candles in my apartment. Recently I found this on by Rituals and it´s scent just blew me away. It´s such a nice composition of a classical vanilla scent and deep and warm woody notes. The scent is so nice for the cold seasons as it creates a warm, sweetish, unusual and romantic atmosphere at home.



What beauty products do you love at the moment? I´m excited to learn about your favorites. Please, share them with me in the comments.


Best regards,


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