Beauty favorites of October

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October is almost over and that´s why I want to share with you some beauty and care products which I loved and used regularly this month. Some of them are my all-time favorites which I have been using for years and cannot imagine not having them on my vanity.



I have been using this hair oil for 4 years and still love it like the first time I tried it. There are many hair oil products which are much cheaper than this one but every time I tried something different I wanted my hair oil back. I use the light version for blonde and fine hair. It gives my hair strength and shine without making it greasy.

Dry shampoo „Cherry“ by Batiste

To be honest, I prefer a normal hair wash to a dry shampoo. But sometimes I have absolutely no time to wash my hair. In such situations, I use my favorite dry shampoo “cherry” by batiste. I like this version just because I like the way it smells. This nice scent is not too strong which is perfect for those who wear a perfume every day. Both scents won´t mix with each other.


Cuticle Eraser & Balm by Sally Hanson

I found this product about one month ago and since then I have been using it several times during the day. The cuticle oil consists of two different products. The first one nourishes the cuticle and the second one removes the driest cuticle parts. The best thing about this product is its solid form. I can carry it the whole day long in my bag and it won´t leak inside of it. Additionally, it smells soooo good!


The body shop hydrating face mist

I have been using this spray since last summer. In the heat summer days, I used it instead of my face cream. In fall I use it several times during the day in order refresh and hydrate my skin. I always have it on my desk where I can reach for it. It´s important to use such mists during fall and winter seasons as there are such harmful influences as climatized and dry air inside and the cold and wind outside. All these factors can affect your skin.

Benetint von Benefit

This tint is my helper in the situations when I don´t have enough time for doing make-up. Just some drops on the cheeks will create a beautiful and natural-looking blush. Some tint drops on the lips will give you natural-looking red lips without any make-up. Within seconds you will look much healthier and prettier. The full review on this product can be found here.

Face cream Effaclar Mat by La Roche Posay

In fact, I have a normal skin but sometimes my T-zone gets oily. Many products for a combination and oily skin are too strong and aggressive for me. Sometimes I even get dry areas on my face. I am glad to have found effaclar by la roche posay because this face cream helps me to mattify my face, makes pores less visible and doesn’t dry out my skin. I use it once a day in the evening.


„London“ by Burberry

This perfume is one of my favorites for the late fall and winter. In the cold days, I feel so warm and comfortable wearing it. It´s not a perfume for spring and summer as it is too intense. Burberry describes this scent as flowery – fresh. Such notes as Jasmin, peony and clementine skin create a flowery base but sandal wood and patchouli intensify the scent and make it deep and warm. Wearing it I feel as if I were cuddling in a soft cashmere scarf. I love it!

Lipstick from the limited edition „Gold Obsession“ by L´Oréal

Recently I reviewed two lipsticks by L´Oréal, the whole review can be found here. Since then I have been using them almost every day. Especially the shade „beige gold“ became my favorite product for the season. It looks gorgeous and suits for so many day time make-ups. Well, I am a huge fan of everything that sparkles.


These were my favorite beauty products in October. Maybe you will find something new in my post, a product you want to try out. What are your favorites? Please, share with me your “holy grail” products in fall.


Have a nice day!

Best regards,


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