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Every time when it gets colder, I really need to focus on the condition of my skin which gets extremely dry and irritated. That´s why I don´t test as many beauty products during the fall and winter seasons as I do throughout a year. Still, colder seasons are perfect for special anti-aging and skin perfecting treatments. The best thing about them that you can have them at home too. In today´s post, I prepared some great skincare products which will create a smooth, even, and radiant appearance and will work even on the skin as dry as hell. Additionally, I found the perfect perfume for late fall and winter which I´m incredibly excited to share with. It´s so warm and cozy, but o sensual at the same time. Let´s bounce, then!

„By the fireplace“ from the collection Replica by Maison Margiela

The collection Replica connects our favorite scents and our favorite memories. Every perfume from this line lets his or her owner to dive into the incredible world of sweet memories and associations with unforgettable experiences like a music festival, a walk on the sunny beach, and many others. This scent is the second one I purchased from the collection. The first one was one of my favorite last summer. It created such a great warm and sunny feeling and made me very happy. This one is even more special. Actually, I discovered it months ago I promised myself to purchase it when it would get colder. Its name “by the fireplace” reveals its nature completely. This is a cozy and sweetish composition of chestnuts and burning logs. I never experienced such a simple composition being so warm, cozy, but sensual and mysterious at the same time. It´s a must-have for everybody who wants something special for this season.

Thermal Treatment Wrap by Ikoo

I must admit that I bought this detox & balance hair mask for the first time because I was simply interested. I liked the idea of a hair mask which was ready for the usage and which I simply could put on without having many bottles and jars with numerous hair products. Additionally, I thought it would be a great option for every trip when I don´t want to take all my stuff with me and still don´t want to do without any haircare. This mask should be applied every two-three weeks to detox and deeply clean your hair. First of all, I must admit that this hair mask is very easy to comfortable to use. Secondly, I love how my hair looks after having applied it. My hair gets so shiny and feels very smooth. Now I use this mask regularly every three weeks. I also discovered other hair masks by Ikoo which are perfect for every trip or travel. They nourish hair deeply and are practical to take with.

„Pumpkin Sleeping Pack“ by Too Cool For School  

This cool overnight face mask is just perfect for making your skin more even, smooth, and get rid of dead skin cells. There aren’t any aggressive ingredients which make it suitable even for a very sensitive skin. The extract of the pumpkin and enzymes nourish your skin and peel it gently throughout a night. The face mask lets your skin regenerate faster and peel all the dead skin cells of making little pimples and other skin problems less visible. It works so gently that even my sensitive skin doesn’t get any irritations or redness afterward. I use it once a week and love how radiant and even my skin gets.

Glow toner by Pixi

Another great skincare product to perfection your skin. This toner contains 5% of glycolic acid and makes your skin look pretty. Pimples, pigmentation, and other skin issues will get less visible. Especially if you use it with additional skin perfecting products. Still, you definitely shouldn´t use this tonic and the overnight facemask I was speaking about above at once. If you have sensitive skin, it´s better to use such products separately. Additionally, it´s important to use a sun blocker on the next morning. Glycolic acid, enzymes, retinol, and many other ingredients make your skin light-sensitive. I prefer using my overnight face mask one day and then going to the glow tonic on the next one. This product is really great.

What beauty favorites did your foind this season? Share them in the comments.




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