Beauty favorites – spring 2020 – highly recommended

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Hi, beauties! With a huge amount of diverse beauty products, it is not an easy task to find those who really knock your socks off. However, I try to find them regularly. Only the best of them make it into the “beauty favorites” posts. Recently, I gave myself time to check out some new products and see, whether they hold the promises their creators give us. I found some very exciting care products that I can 100% recommend to everyone. If you need a new eye, body, foot, and Co. care products, you´re in the right place.

Hyaluronic serum by I + M Berlin

This light facial serum is my favorite skincare product of late because it provides a lot of moisture and is so light that you hardly notice it on the skin. A few drops make the skin look fresh and radiant. The serum is perfect for warm seasons because it´s absorbed instantly and it feels incredibly light on the skin. Immediately after cleansing my face, I apply the serum and feel how hydrated and fresh my skin becomes and any feeling of tension disappears. This serum is also great while on the plane. On long flights you can apply it the moment you feel tightness, the skin will be very grateful for that. I promise!

Goji & Gold eye cream by Mister Lin

The Chinese-Austrian skincare brand brought together the best of traditional Chinese culture and western knowledge and developed unique products using the fusion. All products are natural and have not been tested on animals. The goji & gold eye cream really impressed me, which is not easy at all. I really like everything about it. It has such an unusual but very pleasant herbal scent and really keeps what it promises, which is even more important than the beautiful scent alone. On the one hand, it promotes blood circulation, which reduces dark circles and puffiness. Second, you get a great, refreshing feeling the moment you apply it. You can literally feel how the skin is nourished and refreshed. Although the consistency is a little thicker, it is absorbed quickly and so you can use it even in the morning before doing your makeup.

I have a little history with this eye cream. I happened to let to fall only three weeks after I started using it. Since the bottle is made of glass, it was broken to pieces, and I had to throw it away. But I found the cream so great that I re-ordered it straight away. Imagine how much I liked this product that I bought it again without too much consideration again. Believe me, bloggers don’t do it that often.

Nail oil by I + M Berlin

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am a big fan of this German brand of natural cosmetics. I tried the nail oil months ago and now it is one of the products that are always on my bedside table which I use every day. It nourishes my nails and the cuticle great and smells very pleasant. In addition, I am happy every time I get to know the skin and body care product that has natural ingredients. The less you use chemicals, the more beautiful the skin is. At least I think so.


Foot butter soft feet by Gehwol

Foot care by Gehwol has long been my choice speaking of ​​”nice-looking feet”. The brand offers everything to ensure that feet and legs remain well cared for. The brand-new foot butter immediately convinced me; it really does something. The foot butter nourishes intensely and smells fantastic of pomegranate. I love this product and use it daily with joy.


Body lotion Spicy energy by I + M Berlin

Another product by I + M Berlin brand is my personal must-have this spring. The body lotion is very light textured and yet very nourishing. The great fragrance awakens you immediately and improves your mood. Just the thing to start the day. By the way, there is also a shower gel in the Spicy Energy line to make the shower program complete. So fresh!


 What are your recent skin and body care catches?


Love, Daria


*some products were sent to me for a test. All reviews and opinions are my own and had not been affected in any way. 

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