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Those who want to be slim and good-looking in coming summer should start doing regular workouts and eating healthy right now. In today´s blog post I want to speak about the things that motivate for better results and let you gain more energy and power to achieve your body goals just in time. As for me, sports have always been very important in my life. Fighting, boxing, swimming, cardio, and many other things, I´ve been through during all these years. Though, sometimes I also feel a lack of energy and motivation to remain as active as I should be. I cease this issue when I lack vitamins and motivation. To help you find your source of motivation and gain some healthy and effective habits on the way to your perfect self, I decided to mention those of them that help me in first place.

A glass of still water in the morning

There are probably many people who heard about this healthy habit. Unfortunately, there are just a few who really do it every morning. I belong to them. A glass of water on an empty stomach is the perfect way to start your day after waking up. It will help your body to restore the water level and stimulate your digestion. Still, there is a little problem in here because many people forget to drink after waking up and go straight to their usual cup of coffee. Not to forget, I put a glass of water near me on the nightstand before going to bed. So, drinking the water is the first thing I do in the morning.

Energy drinks and smoothies

Each morning is the most important part of your day. The way you start your day will affect the rest of it. Starting your morning in a positive and healthy way creates the best condition for a great and successful day. To make this happen, I prefer drinking self-prepared energy drinks and smoothies. So, e.g. I regularly drink the following mix which not only gives me as much energy as a cup of coffee but also strengthens the immune system. I combine some fresh lemon juice, honey and turmeric in a glass and put hot water into it.

Smoothies are another option to start the day. My top three smoothies I regularly make can also be found here. Starting your day with such a healthy drink improves your life and makes you feel better, more active and see that healthy eating does you good.

Taking a walk or the 10.000 steps rule

Luckily, the days get longer and warmer. It´s high time to take regular walks somewhere outside. Even if you don´t like jogging (I´m definitely not a fan of this activity) you can just take a long walk. According to medical studies, a 30-minute walk reduces the risk of getting heart problems and gives it a nice workout. Additionally, it´s a great way to burn some calories or get rid of nasty thoughts which give you no rest. I personally follow the 10.000 steps rule. I used to ware a fitness tracker and could see how active I had been throughout the day. Then, I stopped using it and didn´t even care much about how many steps I actually had made. I noticed that I didn´t feel the same way. Recently, I started to count my steps per day again and I can say that I feel more energy and more motivated to do anything. Just start doing some things without your car, take a walk and enjoy this time when you can be alone with your inner-self.

Motivation schaffen, um regelmäßig Sport zu treiben

A regular workout is the main clue to achieve your body goals. Still, sometimes there is just absolutely no motivation to do sports, especially when it´s raining outside or the couch is just way too comfortable to leave it. What helps me in such situations is purchasing new sportswear. Choosing pretty, bright, and flattering sports sets gives me a real kick. I love looking good even in the gym. Such stylish sports pieces make me feel good and motivate me to work harder to look even better. Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of ways to find your favorite sportswear both in stores and online.

The second motivation source which helps me to workout is music. Well, music accompanies me everywhere in my life because it´s a great part of it. While working out, right songs create the right mood and I feel way more into it. For sure, you also have your favorites which make you wanna dance. Add them to your sports-playlist and get the shit done.

I´m wearing: coat by Stradivarius (here) / top by Karen Millen / skirt by H&M / tights by Calzedonia / boots by Dr. Martens (here) /


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  1. 16. March 2018 / 9:33

    Your tips are really very helpful. i am crazy for my workout. But not that much great in following diet, which is very must.I will try to stick on my diet.
    Your pictures are awesome. Please visit my blog for new post. Happy day 🙂

    • Daria
      27. March 2018 / 21:06

      Thank you so much, dear Shweta! I love a regular and intense workout. I just feel so alive after it.

  2. 17. March 2018 / 18:01

    Классный образ, нравится сочетание длин – юбка короче жакета смотрится бомбически!)

    Blog: Witty Sweety
    Instagram: @witty_sweety

  3. 19. March 2018 / 1:17

    great advice! taking a walk is one of my favorite ways to get some movement into my day. Today I was busy at home working at my desk and it felt good to get out for a walk, even if it was only for a half hour.

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