Beauty favorites of April

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I noticed that I didn´t write about my favorite beauty products of the month for some time. It doesn´t mean I didn´t try anything new. I tested a lot of products and of course, I liked just some of them. That is why I decided to wait a little bit in order to get enough of beauty products which I was fascinated with. In today´s post, I want to share with you my favorites of April, the products I enjoyed using.


CoLab dry shampoo

Though I am not a huge fan of dry shampoos, still, I use them from time to time and they help me out in case I don´t have enough time to wash my hair. Probably, as many of you do, I also use one of the most popular labels Batiste. Actually, I like this product but I cannot stand the white residue it leaves on my hairline. I am glad to have found a new product which is as good as Batiste or even better, it´s Co Lab. The best thing about it is the fact that you don´t need to brush out the white residue from your hair as it leaves none. I love this dry shampoo and its fresh and tropical fragrance.


Techno Chrome by P2

I think that everyone who knows the German label P2 also knows that the quality of its products is not too high. As for the quality of this nail polish, it´s also pretty poor. It chips within one day after having applied it. Using a top coat will bring your manicure one day more. So, how can that be that this product became one of my favorites? Well, I have to admit that I just love its color and its spacy techno chrome finish. This nail polish is a great choice for every photo shooting or event. For my nails to be on fleek, I apply it just before going out or having a photo shooting. Additionally, this product dries extremely quickly. You can even use it on the go.



BrowArtist Xpert by L´oréal

The new eyebrow pencil by L´oréal is a great product which I have been using non-stop. It makes such nice and natural-looking brows with just one stroke. Another advantage of the product for me is its cool blonde color. I tried so many eyebrow pencils and many of them were too “warm” for the natural color of my brows. This one, on the contrary, suits almost perfectly to my brows. The texture of the product is perfect for a natural-looking accent of the brows as it is quite soft. If you need a product for a more precise correction, this won´t be the right one for you.


Concealer „HD Studio Photogenic“ by NYX

This concealer covers every imperfection like pimples, dark circles, and little veins. There is a great palette of different colors to choose from, from lilac to peachy. As I needed a product for my under-eye area, I decided for a peachy color. To me, the concealer is a little bit too thick for every day. Though, I really like using it for some special events or photo shootings.



La nuit de l´homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Well, this fragrance is actually a men´s fragrance, but I enjoy using it from time to time. Originally, it had been presented to my husband but he didn’t like it. I found the composition of black pepper, bergamot, anise, lavender, patchouli, vetiver and vanilla so great. The fragrance is so warm and comfortable to wear. I like it, though I actually don´t wear men´s perfumes.


Highlighter brush by Catrice

This cute highlighter brush I found at the drugstore and didn´t have too many expectations concerning it because it´s price was only 4,95 EUR. Nonetheless, I decided to purchase it just because I found it so cute. Surprisingly, the makeup brush applies every dry highlighter perfectly and creates a nice glow from the first stroke. The bristles are very soft and the brush is of good quality. Though I have many different highlighter brushes, I use this one the most as it gives me a great result within seconds. Such a great budget product!


Botanicals Fresh Care by L´oréal

The hair mask by L´oréal consists of natural ingredients and is made for dry hair. After cold winter time, my hair feels so dehydrated. The hair mask nourishes my hair great and makes it shine. It also doesn´t contain any parabens, silicones and synthetical ingredients. This product brings my hair back to life.

Candle Set by Yankee Candle

I love candles and have them everywhere in my apartment. That is why I regularly look for something new, which would suit the current season and my mood. Recently, I found the perfect candle set for spring by Yankee Candle. There are six different scented candles, wild mint, vanilla, linden tree, shea butter, cherry blossom, and verbena. All the scents create such a nice and spring-like atmosphere at home. Yankee Candle always has something new and interesting. I love its candles.



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What beauty products did you love? Share them in the comment section.

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