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Recently I read an interesting article about beauty stereotypes. Well, after reading it I started thinking about what beauty actually is and what women should do to become and remain beautiful? To be honest, the modern life, ideals of beauty and the longing for the perfect appearance make it hard for us. Still, every girl wants to be beautiful and feel this way, whether she tries to achieve the ideals of modern beauty or not.

To be beautiful is to be stupid

Such a stereotype is still very popular and widespread even among women. For sure, you have heard anecdotes concerning beautiful but very stupid women who actually even don´t need to think about anything. Unfortunately, many women nowadays believe it and don´t want to show their feminine side and active beauty just because of fear of being looked at as if they were not that smart. The situation is even worse when women are not confident with the way they look and want to have some parts of their body or face perfectioned. Such women are categorized as a totally unnatural looking Barbie with silicon in the head instead of a brain. They are being laughed at, but still, some of them have millions of followers on social media channels. The fact is, that many of those who think they’re stupid, didn´t even meet them in real life and don´t know how intelligent they might be.

Of course, we all have different opinions concerning plastic surgery, but I think that every individual has the right to live his or her life the way he or she wants it to. Please, do not try to categorize people too fast without knowing them and speaking to them. A girl with silicon breasts or a nose job could be very intelligent and interesting person, who just wanted to improve the quality of her life.



To be beautiful is to be weak

Especially women in Europe are proud of being strong and independent. Wrongly, many women associate such things as beauty, sophistication, and femininity with weakness. They are sure that all these things are too superficial or worse, they were created by men in order to make women their sexual objects. For example, many women are still sure that heeled shoes were created by men to get the perfect view on us from behind. The historical fact is, heeled shoes were first created by men and for men.

When I was a student in Germany I noticed frequently how unkempt many female professors had been. They even didn´t have a modern and good-looking haircut, let alone makeup or accessories. The thing is, that many European women are afraid not to be taken seriously with all that beauty crap. I see numerous articles on the web where such emancipated women speak about the women’s stuff they hate, e.g. bras, epilation, makeup and much more. They see all this as if it was the poor evil. But the saddest thing is not such an article itself, but the numerous comments underneath, where women are sure they don´t need it. Excuse my question, but if I like makeup, epilate some parts of my body and wear high-heels, I cannot be strong and independent?!


Everything I do is for me

I want to accentuate that I am a huge fan of beauty. I love the way I feel when my hair has been styled, my nails are polished. I love wearing dresses and heels. By doing all this, I don´t want to thrill all men on my way, I want to do it for myself and feel great. Unfortunately, many women don´t want to understand one important point, our life is not only good or bad, or black and white. We are not obliged to wear 13 cm high heels, do makeup as if we were drag queens or wear a push-up bra 24/7. Nowadays, every woman or girl can find everything she likes and feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Of course, it´s important to have a beautiful soul and inner world, but it´s also important to remember that we are women who want to be beautiful at every age.


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