Beautypress box – August edition- the unboxing

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Hi, beauties! Here we come again, and I have a new review of the current beautypress box. The coolest thing about this beauty box is the fact that there is always something interesting and totally new. Every new month is another beauty surprise in the box, isn´t is the best thing about beauty boxes? Let´s take a look at the latest box and its content. I already tested almost all of the products and ready to say my final words about them.

Flawless pads by Instytutum

The brand Instytutum is absolutely new for me but I´m happy to get to know it with this exciting product. The flawless pads are presoaked in a acids and vitamins cocktail to provide the best results for the skin. Such acids like glycol, milk, lemon, hyaluronic, salicylic acids and vitamin B3 and B5 make the skin radiant, reduce fine line, pigmentation, free clogged pores and even out the appearance.

In case you still don´t have fruit acids in your regular skincare routine, you should definitely rethink it because they are the real game-changers. There is only one think you need to keep in mind, use them during fall and winter when the sun is less active. This is actually the reason I decided to wait until it gets colder in Germany and cloudy weather will settle here. Until then, I don´t want to risk using the product.

I think that I will write a separate post about it and let you know whether it works the way it supposed to or not.

Intimate care women – soft shower foam by Eubos

The brand Eubos belongs to one of my favorites because everything I´ve tried so far suited my skin just perfectly. There was something new for me in the August beauty box. It was the soft shower foam for the car of women´s intimate parts of the body. The product is truly very soft and make you feel so fresh. I also like that it has only a barely perceptible scent. All in one, it´s a great product which I can totally recommend.

Silicea nail care serum

I cannot say that my nails are super brittle but every time I succeed in letting them grow long enough, they crack on one side or another and I have to cut off the whole length, care them intensively, and let them grow again. The nail serum is made for brittle nails and gives them all the needed nourishment they need. It contains silica gel, biotin, and organic almond oil which build up healthy nails and make them shiny.

The nail serum should be applied once a day. It has a little brush to do it precisely. By the way, it´s not a typical care product in the form of a nail polish. It has a watery texture which is absorbed within seconds. To get the best possible effect, I apply the serum in the evening before going to bed. Though two weeks of usage are not enough to prove whether the product really works, I still enjoy using it. It´s fast, easy, and doesn´t feel oily at all.

Pro-colour nail polish by Avon

The moment I saw the amazing plum color of the nail polish I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it turned out to be my personal fail in the current box. It definitely has its pros which are how fast it dries and how comfy its brush is. Still, the pretty manicure doesn´t last long because it splinters like hell.

I always do my manicure using several steps. First of all, I apply a basecoat, then I go with two layers of nail polish and seal it all with the topcoat. This time wasn´t an exception. Still, even with all those additional products to make this nail polish last longer on my nail, it started to splinter the same days I applied it. For your information, using the products I sued with the Avon nail polish, I manage to keep great looking manicure up to 7 days.

It´s very sad because I really like the color and how easy and uncomplicated it goes.


Gold-Hydrogel-Augenmaske von K-Beauty (Avon)

I love eye patches and cannot live without them. The gold patches by K-Beauty in the collaboration with Avon not only look great but also reduce puffiness and hydrate the undereye area. Additionally, they reduce dark shadows which is absolutely fantastic. Only 15 minutes of application and you feel like fresh born.

All in one, I really like the August beautypress box. Especially the flawless pads sound very promising and I´m super excited to try them. As I already said, I´ll let you know what this product is all about as fast as I try it.


What do you think about this beauty box? Did you like it? Is it a YAY or NAY?






*Die Beautybox wurde mir von Beautypress zum Testen zugeschickt. Alle Meinungen sind allerdings meine eigenen und wurden auf keine Art und Weise beeinflusst.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. Camila
    4. September 2019 / 9:04

    What a great beauty box! The eye patches look so cute 🥰.



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