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There is barely anything that can help you to get rid of the fall blues better than a portion of new beauty products. Recently, I got a beauty box by Beauty Press where numerous great products, mostly by German brands, had been hiding. Let´s open the box together and look at them in details.

Beauty elixir „Seacrets“ by La Mer

I like the brand La Mer and tried numerous products already. This serum is new for me though. Well, it´s something special. Starting with its amazing and qualitative packaging to the product itself. A glass bottle contains 30 ml of the highly concentrated serum. It can be used both in the evening and in the morning, separately or as the first step of your normal skincare routine. I like to apply it in the evening and when necessary. The serum hydrates the skin and makes cells regenerate more quickly. My skin gets visibly smoother and feels great. To me, it´s an amazing accomplishment to my skincare routine.

24h cream anti-ox by Jean D´Arcel

Did you know that our skin suffers not only from negative effects of environmental pollution? Additionally, it suffers a lot from the technical gadgets we use basically every day. So, sitting at your notebook or checking your social media accounts via smartphone, your skin gets damaged. It´s the so-called blue-light which causes a negative effect on the skin making it look dull and tired. Due to my job, I spend so much time sticking to the gadgets and want to protect my skin against all possible damages. The face cream by Jean D´Arcel is a great product to me because it´s what I need in my skincare routine. It can be used in the evening and in the morning. The texture is rich but it´s absorbed quickly. So, it´s not a problem for applying the makeup after using it. The cream hydrates and nourishes my skin, protecting it from environmental pollution and the blue-light.

The fragrance “tendre nuit” By Isabey

The bloomy-oriental composition by the brand Isabey is something special. I´m so happy I got an opportunity to try this scent which came to stores for the first time about 100 years ago. The top notes of the fragrance are almond and rose pepper which give it its sweetish-oriental character. After some time, such notes as musk mallow rose, and rose oil enhance the sensual composition. In the end, ambroxane, vanilla, and cashmeran transform the scent into a gentle, sweetish, and elegant veil. I´m obsessed with this amazing perfume and even think about purchasing a bigger bottle.       

Bath oil by Haut: Balance

In late fall and winter, I use my bath tube very often. I love relaxing and taking a warm bath with bath salts, bath foam, and other caring and relaxing products. That´s why I was happy to get something new to try. This bath oil by the German brand Haut: Balance is a real Spa experience at home. Precious oils make you relax and nourish your skin at the same time. It´s specially made for dry skin to make it smooth and release it from dryness. After taking a bath with this product, you basically don´t need an additional body care product because it leaves a thin nourishing layer on your skin for even more care. All you need to do is gently drying your body off with a towel without rubbing it too hard. Next morning you will notice how soft and smooth your skin has become.

Hand cream „Cashmere Deluxe“ by Efasit Deluxe

My hands are always dry and I need a lot of hand cream every day to feel comfortable and not going crazy because of it. This luxurious product is just amazing. It makes my hand feel extremely smooth and nourished. I like that it is absorbed within seconds and you don’t need to wait too long. That’s why I prefer using it throughout the day and having it in my bag to use it on the go.

Electric cleansing brush „VisoVibe“ in a kit by B. Kettner

I already tried a plenty of different cleansing tools. Some of them were good, others were way too aggressive for my sensitive skin. A silicon brush is quite new to me. The electric tool by K. Kettner gently but effectively cleanses the skin and massages it at the same time. It´s the so-called micro-frequent vibration motions which are so gentle that it can be used even by a very sensitive skin. I got the kit with a cleansing foam which I also tried, and I really liked it. It´s a nice product which is gentle to the skin. I don´t have any tightness or dryness after using it. Additionally, its size is small and comfy, so that you can take it wherever you go.

Bright Eyes Mascara by Alverde

In the beauty box, I found two mascaras from the line “bright eyes”. The mascara not only creates a great volume, but it also accentuates your natural eye color. I got one product for blue and one for hazel eyes. Special micro pigments and light-reflecting particles let your eyes look more intense and brighter which makes a bigger accent on them even if you don´t do an intense eye makeup at all. It also nourishes the lashes because one of the main ingredients is the bio almond oil.

Color hairspray by Keralock

Who didn´t want to dye some strands or even the entire hair into a bright or extreme color? Still, not so many of us really made this step. Well, there are many reasons to not do it but we´ll leave it at that. I personally always dreamed of having pink or lilac strands. With the product I found in the box, I finally can do it. The color hair spray by Keralock in the cool lilac color is made for cool accents which you won´t regret afterward. You can apply it on the strands or on the whole hair-ends and enjoy the trendy look. After just one hair-wash the color will be completely rinsed off and you can live your normal life. It´s a great idea for Halloween or any party.

Magnet lashes by Ardell

Frankly, I never liked magnetic lashes. It´s so complicated to position them right and to make them look more or less good. Though I must admit that the new ones are much better than the original version. They look better and there is a great chance to position them closer to the lash line. Still, I prefer sticking to adhesive fake lashes. It´s just easier and faster for me.




*  The beauty press box was complimentary sent to me. All opinions concerning each product are my own and had not been affected in any way.   [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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