Chanel Beige – les exclusifs de chanel – review

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The world of perfumery is so eternal and mysterious. A perfume can reflect and show a woman´s character, her mood and her self-esteem. Every woman has at least one perfume which is a kind of her “business card”. That is why I love perfumes. For a long period of time I wanted to make series of posts about my favorite perfumes. But I don’t mean department store perfumes, which are to find everywhere. I wanna present you my luxurious favorites, which make you feel special and different.

Chanel beige

The first fragrance which I wanna write about is Beige by Chanel. This perfume is very elegant and not overloaded with too many notes. The bottle has also a very simple design without any extra decorations on it. Even though there is a quality which one can feel and smell. This fragrance is sensual because of the combination of flowers and honey. But it is not floral as one may think, it´s powdery and mysterious. If I were asked to describe it with just two words there would be a “simple elegance”.

What type of women can wear this fragrance?

I would say that this fragrance would be ideal for an elegant woman with a high self-esteem. It wouldn´t be a good choice for a woman whose motto is: short, sexy femme fatale. I wore this fragrance at my wedding and I felt like a princess.


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