Benetint by Benefit – review

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Finally, I purchased one of the most famous products by Benefit, their Benetint. For a long time, I was unsure, whether I should purchase this product or not as I heard some negative reviews on it. But two weeks ago I tested it on my lips and on my cheeks and I understood that I wouldn’t go without it.

Benetint 2

Benetint is a multifunctional product in a liquid form which gives you a long-lasting result. Only few drops of the tint create a beautiful and natural looking lush on your cheeks. You can also give a nice healthy color to your lips and will also look very natural. The best thing is that you can wear it the whole day long.

The Benetint by Benefit is my must-have for the spring and summer season. It´s a magic wand while travelling as well. Well, the tint is not that cheap, as you get 12,5 ml. for 35 EUR. But you will need just some drops of it every day and so you will use the bottle more than one year.

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I think I understand now why some girls don’t like tis product. There are two things possible, whether they have the skin with a pinky undertone and it just doesn’t look good on them, or they cannot use it the right way. I am sure that if you use it correctly (apply not too much and blend it out very quickly) the benetint can become your best friend. I love this product!

Benetint Swatch 1

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