The best American drugstore bronzers for fair skin

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If you watch American YouTube beauty channels you have probably noticed that some makeup brands are so popular that they can be seen by almost every beauty blogger. Some of them are quite hard to find in Europe and some are simply unavailable in here. Sometimes we can order some products online from the US but the shipping to Europe is also not always possible. Having been watching YouTube for a while I fell in love with two budget products from a drugstore which I, unfortunately, couldn´t order. There were two bronzers, one by Wet´n´Wild and another by Physicians Formula. That is why I was astonished to find the brands I wanted to try during my trip to Bangkok. By the way, you can find my travel posts here, here, and here. Of course, I purchased both at once. But still, what is so special about these products? Are they worth it? Do they do their job better? I put both to a test to see, whether this hype has any reason.

Coloricon by Wet´n´Wild

The bronzer in the shade “ticket to Brazil” is a beautiful and warm product with a satin finish. It suits fair and medium skin tones nicely. This bronzer is for sure my cheapest bronzer at all, but still, it has a great quality. It costs about 5 euros which is unbeatable. The shade suits my skin tone perfectly and creates a nice, natural-looking tan. Additionally, it has an SPF 15 which is great in the theory. In fact, a thin layer of the product on your cheeks and forehead won´t protect you much from the sun. So, you shouldn´t rely on it in that way.

For me personally, this product has a little disadvantage, it´s the packaging. You can see it at once how cheap the plastic top is. It makes sounds while opening and closing the top. It won´t las too long before it breaks off. All the writings on the top are already gone from by bronzer, though I storage it separately from all other products because of its big size.

Unfortunately, a poor quality of budget makeup products can be noticed very often. Still, the bronzer itself has a great quality and has a nice shade.


Butter Bronzer by Physicians Formula

Probably, everyone knows the butter bronzer by Physicians Formula as every YouTube beauty blogger seems to have it. I also wanted to have it but I couldn´t find it in Europe. When I saw it in Bangkok I didn´t even though about not purchasing this product. Though is the bronzer a budget product, still, it costs about 16 euros.

It also has a satin finish and is perfect for fair skin tones. The shade of the bronzer is a little bit cooler than the first product. That is why it will create not only a nice natural-looking tan on your face but also give you some contouring. The packaging is made of a qualitative plastic and has a mirror and a little sponge to apply the product. The design of the packaging a summery and funny.




It´s hard to decide which one of the two bronzers is better. I really enjoy using both of them. They both are budget products, though the butter bronzer by Physicians Formula is more expensive. The quality of the products is great and the shades are so beautiful. Though, I would appreciate a better packaging quality of the bronzer by Wet´n´Wild. I would even pay more money for it. Nonetheless, both bronzers do their job great. I use them regularly and love the result. The best thing is, that the products by Physicians Formula are to find in Germany as well now.



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Did you try these products? What bronzers do you prefer?

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