Best Christmas gifts guide


 Beauty Christmas gifts  

Let´s be honest, beauty gifts are the most popular gifts all around the world on Christmas. Actually, the idea is not that bad, provided you know the taste and preferences of the person the gift is supposed to be presented. If the person is a fan of makeup, she will be happy to get a makeup best-seller or something from the holiday collection. The skin and body care fans will gladly get something nice smelling and nourishing. Many brands have great winter products and holiday versions, e.g. M. Asam beauty released many amazing products. I personally love their collection with shea butter or chocolate. Both lines smell amazing and are great to surprise somebody on Christmas. If you want to choose something special, there is a new body care line called, night glamour. The fragrance from this collection is very warm and elegant. The notes of tonka beans, fine woods, caramel, and others create a unique composition. The design of the bottle is also something else. Such a gift will be used for sure and will also be a nice accessory for your makeup vanity.


Important to know: 

It doesn´t matter, whether it´s makeup, skin or body care or fragrances, you have to be sure you know the preferences of the person you purchase it for. You can choose the most expensive eyeshadow palette but if the person you bought it for doesn´t even wear makeup, she won´t enjoy it. That´s why you should notice what this person likes and prefers or just ask about it.



Experiences or tickets

I personally think that experiences are the most important thing in your life and that´s why we should save on them. If someone is a huge music fan, he or she will go nuts getting a ticket to a concert. It´s also very easy to learn what bands or singers the person prefers. Then, all you need to do it checking the music services and if you´re lucky enough, you´ll find a concert in the near future the person likes. The same thing is with other tickets like opera, theater or ballet. Such gifts will be a great memory for a long time.

Important to know:

Some concerts or events are very sought-after which means that you need to be fast. Otherwise, the tickets might be sold out in the time of your consideration, whether you buy them or not. Get yourself informed in due time.


Last but not least, you can always stick to cash or a gift card. I know many people think that such gifts are the most impersonal and uncreative gifts ever. That may be but not for me. I love choosing gifts for others and I love being presented too, but sometimes it´s much better to give the person a chance to purchase something he or she likes instead of buying a hundredth figure of a cat for somebody who is actually doesn´t even interested in them.dbkstylez_presents_Cards_gutscheine



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