Best face masks for all skin types

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Every girl who takes her skin care seriously knows that face masks can help to intensify the process of skin nourishment and deal with individual skin problems. As for me, I am a huge face mask freak and have many products at home. I use face masks about three or four times a week and love having some time for me and my beauty rituals. My face masks help me to hydrate, soften, detox and firm my skin. To be honest, I love so many products that this blog post would take an eternity to list them all. That is why I decided to list only five of my all-time favorites.

Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask by Missha

I have already spoken so much about this face mask. This product is so impressive. It works in the night and helps to regenerate skin cells for a younger, smoother, and nicer appearance. The snail extract reduces fine lines and imperfections. It contains no parabens, mineral oil, or preservatives. I use it two – three times a week and love how smooth and nourished my skin becomes. The texture of the product is very light and suits even for skin care in summer. Another advantage of the product is the fact that you get 110 ml for only 21.80 EUR.


Ultra Facial Hydrating Overnight Masque by Kiehl´s

Another sleeping mask that works during the night. It´s quite expensive, still, it´s worth the splurge. The mask is ideal for the dry and sensitive skin. It doesn´t matter, where I go, I always have this product with me. It hydrates my skin so well and reduces the feeling of tightness. I have a big problem with my skin on every flight. Even an hour on the plane makes my skin so dehydrated and irritated that it gets red all the time. The only mask that can help me is the “overnight hydrating masque”. That is why the first thing I do in the evening is applying this product. On the morrow, my skin feels hydrated and relaxed. It is my great helper in every situation.



“Drops of youth” Night Mask by The Body Shop

The third and the last night face mask on my list, I promise. This mask is specially made for young skin which starts to show the first signs of skin aging. The extract of the edelweiss helps to renew skin cells and make the skin smoother and nicer. The texture of the mask is very light and feels great on the skin. I really like the results after using it as I feel how firm and nourished it has become.



Himalayan Charcoal by The Body Shop

This detox mask is my personal favorite for almost a year. It cleanses all the makeup rests and sebum out of the pores. I have been using it once a week for so many months and since then I didn´t go to the cosmetologist as I don´t need a professional cleansing anymore. I repurchased this product three times and this jab won´t be the last one. The product is so good.



Hydra Bomb by Garnier

Of course, I had to mention at least one sheet mask in this post. Though there are many great products out there, I decided to pick up the “Hydra Bomb” by Garnier. I just wanted something everyone can easily find in Europe. Actually, I totally disliked the “Hydra Bomb” hydrating day cream and didn´t expect that I would love the sheet masks from this line so much. I like that Garnier regularly brings new sheet masks on the market. Meanwhile, there are four different versions of it. Most of all, I like the blue one (made for dry to normal skin), the green one (for normal to combination skin) and the lilac one (for stressed skin). I enjoy using all three of them as they hydrate my skin pretty well and give my skin a nice, relaxed feeling. By the way, there are very practical for to go as well.




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Do you use face masks? What masks do you prefer?

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