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A cold and nasty winter is not only a challenge for our good mood and amount of energy but also a challenge for our skin. My skin is very sensitive and reacts to every temperature shift, windy or just cold days with redness, tightness, and other unpleasant things. In late fall and winter, I need to nourish and care for my skin more actively in order to save its condition. Just because I know how my skin can react I know what skincare products to use in winter. Some of them have been my must-haves for several years, others are quite new to me but I already fell in love with them. Below, you will find all of them.

 Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Kiehl´s

I love the brand Kiehl´s because many of their products are perfect for my skin and show great results. The famous “midnight recovery concentrate” consists of different oils which nourish the skin deeply and have an anti-aging effect. I discovered this product last winter and knew at once that I would repurchase it. This face oil is perfect for winter and makes a great additional step to your evening skincare routine. I use it two to three times a week and massage my face and neck while applying it. It not only nourishes my skin but also makes it firmer and lets the product penetrate much faster.

Hydra Zen face cream by Lancôme

Some years ago, when my skin got very irritated because of a cold and windy weather and nothing helped me, I was recommended the “hydra zen”. To my surprise, this face cream helped me and reduced all redness, feeling of tightness and dehydration. Since then I didn´t get such problems anymore. Though this winter my skin got more sensitive again with redness and little irritations on it. This is how I returned to this face cream once again. It is specially made for stressed and sensitive skin which tends to redness and other skin problems. The texture of the cream is very light, but it nourishes my skin so well and reduces my redness. There are two versions of this cream, a universal one and one for the night. I decided for a universal one, though I mostly use it in the evening. I love how nice and smooth my skin becomes. All signs of redness also disappear. I´m glad to have remembered that this product was so good and use it again.

Body Butter „Vanilla Pumpkin“ by The Body Shop

I love body butter by the body shop. I must have tried almost every butter body by this brand. In case you also have a dry skin, you will also fall in love with it. Though it has a rich and thick consistency, it is easy to apply, and it also penetrates quite fast. This season I discovered the limited line “vanilla pumpkin” and couldn´t say no. It has such a great sweetish scent to it which remains on your skin for a long time and makes you feel comfortable and feminine. I love this scent so much that I already repurchased this product for the case it should be out of stock someday.

„Vanilla Pumpkin“ hand cream

This hand cream is a part of the limited line “vanilla pumpkin” and smells exactly the same way as the body butter does. It not only hydrates my skin but also doesn´t have a sticky and bad-penetrating texture. The practical size includes 30 ml of the product which allows you to have it in every, even a tiny bag.

 Sweet Exfoliating Balm by Dior

The exfoliating balm by Dior is not a bargain (37 EUR). First, I wasn´t sure whether I want to spend so much money on a lip balm. But after I´d read many positive reviews concerning it, I decided to try. To be honest, there is not so much product in the package and I felt a bit disappointed at first. Now I have been using the exfoliation balm for two months and I absolutely changed my mind. First of all, it makes my lips so smooth and nourished within seconds. Second, I have been using it quite actively and I still have a feeling I would have the whole stick left. Of course, I still think that the price is way too high, but it makes my lips amazingly soft and prepares them for every bold color. I haven’t ever tried anything as good as this product.



What skincare products are your saviors in winter?


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