Biker jacket + summer dress = trendy fall outfit

One of the best ways to create a trendy fall outfit is to combine a flowery summer dress with a biker leather jacket. I decided for a maxi dress by New Look and fulfilled it with a black lace choker. The combination matches perfectly as the choker has little black flowers which match to the dress and also look quite bold which matches to the biker jacket. Though one can wear some boots or ankle boots to such outfit but I decided for black sandals which is ok in the end of September. This year we surprisingly have a nice and warm weather the whole September long.  Such outfits and such an awesome weather let me feel like it´s still summer for a little bit longer. How do you match a biker leather jacket? It would be nice if you´ll link your looks in the comments.

Have a nice Friday!!!!







I´m wearing:

Biker jacket by Zara

Maxi dress by New Look

Shoes by H&M

Choker by Bijou Brigitte


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