Birthday girl – what is truly important in life

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Hi, beauties! As the name of today´s post reveals, today is my birthday. It´s kind of interesting how our perception of this special day for every one of us changes when time is passing. As kids, we are beside ourselves with joy when we even think about our birthday. Of course, there are parties, candy, and lots of presents. As an adult, it´s something completely different. It doesn´t mean that the great joy of celebration is over but there are certain things which come on this special day too. We start to think and evaluate our life much more and it gets even more important what we have achieved so far. That´s why I decided to not write about some stereotypical things you should have done until you´ve turned 20, 30, 50 or something. I decided to write about something that is getting more important to me every new year of my life and I´m sure that I´m not alone with them.


My birthday is a little pit-stop on my life path. On this day I tend to evaluate all my achievements and the things I want to achieve. Though I´ve never been a person who wanted to get the biggest career but with the time going I noticed that I started to get my ambitions. It´s so important to me to satisfy my own ambitions which constantly grow. As a teenager, I only wanted to enjoy my time but now everything drastically changed. I still don´t want to be a part of a huge enterprise but I want to get successful in the things that are important to me. The job is a part of that game too.

Obviously, when we get older, we all want to see our achievements and the significant proof that we lived not for nothing. What can be better than realizing that you got everything in your life what you desired?! Probably nothing. It doesn´t even matter what your goals are. You can build a big family or create your own company, and these will be your ambitions which turned into reality. It´s the greatest part of happiness which has hundreds of faces and only you know how it looks for you. Not going with the flow but to be that flow is what makes our life great.

I´m wearing: dress by Zara / silk by Hunkermöller / bag by Skinny Dip / sling back shoes by Antwerp Essentiel / hair accessories n.a. /

Happiness – the way I see it today

As a teenager, I thought that happiness depends on way too many things (material as well) and it´s barely possible to become happy. I searched it in people and things, but I got frustrated because of regular disappointments. I just saw more in those people and hoped that they were the way I saw them. Only now I reached my comfortable place where I can see that I searched in the wrong place. Instead of looking for my personal happiness within me, I spend years looking for it outside. The fact is, you should find balance and happiness within you and with you. This is the only way to be happy as a person. The person who is happy alone can be happy with somebody else. Knowing and loving yourself, you get the right things and people in your life.

All this might sound very idealistic but since the moment I concentrated my attention on myself, I feel much better and happier in my own skin. I understood what kind of people I want to have in my life and what it takes to get to my comfortable place.

Being satisfied with what you have but be hungry for more

We all complain about the things we don´t have way too often. Doing that we completely forget about everything we have in life. Getting older I appreciate such things like health and family more and more every single day. Focusing on really important things instead of dreaming polished superficial items will make you so much happier. I used to concentrate on them too and the only feeling I could experience was unsatisfactory with myself and my life. Do we really need that kind of emotions because we don´t possess anything super expensive or can´t have a vacation on the fanciest resort in the world? One should lose health or a family member to understand how much we´ve been given. The rest can be achieved through hard and constant work.

Find what makes you truly happy

We spend more than half of our life working. That´s why it´s so important to find the work that you really enjoy. I know, there are not so many people who love what they do but you can change your life, provided you believe in yourself and truly want it.

I´m very happy to have discovered blogging for me. I´ve always loved writing texts and now I can do it for living. I´m so thankful for this journey which lead me to my blog and even further, to guest blog posts and copywriting.

By the way, I accomplished the course of copywriting which gave me so many new ways to make my texts (both for my blog and for my clients) much better. Additionally, it´s always great to put yourself to a new goal and achieve it, right?!

All I want to say is that you too can find your dream job or get new hobbies which will turn into your profession. Just be open to the endless chances the universe gives us and believe that you can do it.

The special birthday girl outfit

A special day needs a special outfit. Frankly, this dress selected me. I went to Zara several times and every time I saw this transparent dress. After some time, I couldn´t resist it anymore and I tried it on. The result can be seen in this post 😊. The dress is completely transparent and actually should be styled with pieces underneath (well, it´s a recommendation by Zara). I wanted it to be just a normal dress and that´s why I decided for a black silk nightgown. Together both pieces look like it´s a match made in heaven. On your own birthday, one should go festive. At least, I wanted it to be a very special outfit. For that reason, I added numerous pearl accessories. There are pearls everywhere, on my hair, on my bag, and even on my shoes. I´m beyond ready to celebrate this day!


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